Ahhh baby wipes or tooth brush and soap?? Help meee

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  1. Hey guys...so I went downtown to visit my bf and it started pouring. I was carrying a paper shopping bag and held it against my NEW Gucci bag to protect it from the rain. Unfortunately I didn't realize the colour on the paper bag rubbed off onto my bag and now there are dark spots on the canvas. I'm dyyyying because I just got this bag two days ago! I'm just about to go buy baby wipes but I've also read threads where ppl tried using toothbrush and mild soap. Some said for colour transfer, I should go for professional help?? AHHHH help please!
  2. The faster you can get to them, the better. Try babywipes first. I used Spot Remedy from Forever New on one of the old spot, and the spot is 99% gone.
    Google it and there should be a store that carry it. It's cheap, $6.
  3. baby wipes did wonders! thanks for the help beejerry!
  4. yes thanks from me as well. My sister got jean transfer on her Pelham. When she left yesterday I experimented and it worked!:tup:
  5. so just baby wipes to get stains out?
  6. it worked really well for me! it's as if it's brand new! i rubbed once..let it dry, then rubbed again. After it totally dried, the stain was gone!