1. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. As some of you know I had ordere the gucci hobo biba from bluefly, recieved it and fell in love...well 2 of the studs fromt he straps came off ! I called them and they said they would give me a refund when I sent it back but I would have to re order as they dont do exchanges:cursing: !! to top it off the bag "is no longer available" . I'm pi**ed off!
  2. gosh, i'm so sorry girl, "bluefly" is truly the worst, <<<hugs>>> :flowers:
  3. Maybe a gucci boutique can repair it for you?!:shrugs:...it's worth a try.
  4. yea! thats actually a good idea, do you think they would even though I did'nt buy it from them?

  5. Say it was a gift. :graucho:
  6. You're kidding, they don't do exchanges? What kind of customer service is that? Little odd that 2 of the studs came off, too. I'm kind off leery of ever buying from them now... Hope it all works out.
  7. :cursing: I agree!! I sent back a Gucci wallet I ordered a couple of weeks ago..The hardware was scratched on the front....Emailed them to make sure they received it because I want my credit..And they emailed me back saying they haven't received it!!! I told them my next phone call was to my credit card to dispute the charge so they better figure it out ASAP!!!! NEVER will I order from there again!!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  8. ok so I called the gucci boutique and they said that they can send my away to be repaired :biggrin:. They said they would be able to tell me the cost when I brought it in...does anyone have an idea about how much this would cost me, if you've ever gotten your bag repaired how much were your charged?

  9. Hmmm . . .well I have to say that I have the Biba hobo that I purchased directly from Gucci back in the spring when it first came out. I have carried it all summer without a break and nothing has come off. I'm pretty rough on bags, too. I'm really feeling sketchy about their authenticity. Hopefully, it will work out though. Good luck!
  10. I'm starting to wonder if Bluefly sells damaged/defective/returned bags. Ugh.
  11. Wow, sorry you have had such crappy luck with Bluefly, especially if it falls apart shortly after receiving it....I too would question the authenticity of the purse. That sucks, I would be flaming too :cursing: - now you have to send it away, I wonder if Bluefly will pay for the repairs -my guess, probably not. Then you are out the cost to get it fixed -if I were you, I would just return it - send it back and get a refund. Good luck, keep us posted on what happens!!!

  12. yea I was going to return it but I love the bag so much I just can't do it, its definitely my favorite bag right now so I will bring it to the boutique and see what they say.
  13. Good luck getting the bag fixed diva!!

    I know exactly how you feel! Last year I bought a leather Miu Miu bag from Holt Renfrew and within only a few uses the bag had started coming apart in one area at the seam. I was soooo upset! Luckily Holt's fixed the bag for me for free and the bag was as good as new. Hopefully it works out for you too...my fingers are crossed for you!!! :yes:
  14. wow i'm sorry to hear that.