Ahh! What to do??

  1. Ok, I hope this isnt horribly confusing.
    My fiance bought me the large chelsea optic hobo turnlock closure for my birthday. I love it. However, I found the exact same print and color (camel/khaki/silver) on eBay in a shape that I like better... the hobo thats a half-moon shape that zips. So, I bought that off of eBay and I am taking the turnlock bag back today.
    HOWEVER, I called Coach and the SA was talking to me and said that the turnlock hobo's are now 25% off (and I have an additional $20 store credit). The turnlock bag they have in store is CHOCOLATE (and the one coming from eBay is camel/khaki/silver). I love the optic print, and I would love to have both in different colors. So my question is, should I exchange the bag so I have the optic chocolate turnlock AND a khaki/camel hobo... or should I just forget about it and keep the hobo alone? I would be buying myself the chocolate turnlock and he would be buying me the hobo... if that makes sense!
  2. i would do the exchange
  3. If you like them both, and are able to get them both, go for it!
  4. I would exchange the khaki one for the chocolate and keep both bags!! :tup:
  5. the store has it for 25% off? Is that the pce discount? I didn't think boutiques marked down bags. :confused1: If you really love the bag and the optic, I would exchange for the chocolate. :tup:
  6. Wait- the turnlock hobos are 25% off- apart from PCE? Or in addition to PCE?
  7. Nope... no PCE discount, they are just on sale apparently.
  8. Hmmm... I would see how you like the one from ebay first... Then, If you totally love it.. get both bags! But, you might find you want a little bit more of a variety...:upsidedown:
  9. I ended up getting the small hobo in chocolate - I love it! I wear a lot of browns, creams and whites... so having the khaki and the chocolate both will look great :smile:

  10. Awww, Im so happy you were able to decide. I would have chosen the choco for ya. Love that darn bag! Post pics girly:heart::yes::heart: