ahh! what do i do with this clutch?


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Mar 24, 2007
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Hi everyone

i'm new to posting on tPF and need your input. So as a gift one of my friends overseas sent me a FAKE (clearly imitation) Chloe paddington clutch. (I won't post it since I know we cannot post pics of fake items on this forum).

I would never carry a fake designer purse and i dont know what to do with it. I was thinking of giving it to one of my 6 year old neices as a play purse...but would that be wrong of me to let a fake bag live? I dont want to throw it away b/c it seems like such a waste....i really dont know what to do with this thing.

let me know if i am overreacting....but i seriously am against imitation items.
your input is appreciated. THANKS!!:biggrin:
Nov 7, 2007
To destroy or throw away a gift seems a little harsh - regifting to a child would be fine, I would not donate to a charity bin for chance that it could potentially be resold... I'm sure it would make your niece happy :smile:


Mar 6, 2008
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To be honest, I would trash it without regift to anyone . Because if your friend knew it by somehow, someway... she would be very upset as you let your niece play with it. It's not serious way in friend ship.

I could point it out to her, or just return it to her as :"oh... I've got same color, same style .. so I think someone might be need it as I am duplicate. Or just simply dump it without let her know
Sep 23, 2009
I would give it to your niece. She will enjoy it as it might be useful to her, and she would be the last owner so it won't be re-sold again.