Ahh, the obsession has begun...

  1. Hello, it's my first post here ever, although I've been lurking for a while (mostly at LV, but Tokidoki got me as well). I just wanted to share my purchase at Ala Moana and my really tiny collection. I bought the Mamma Mia yesterday and I've had the panda bags for a while (I love pandas). I figured I should just stick to Tokidoki and LeSportSac because a) it's cute and b) it's cheaper. Now I really want an iSkin and a shirt... because that latte thing is too cute. The SA yesterday helped me find a pattern that had the latte...

    Nice to meet you all! :yes:
    bag 005.jpg bag 007.jpg bag 009.jpg
  2. YAY! another Hawaii member! Welcome... I got the amore print in mama mia as well! i just got the denaro the other day at Lesportsac Waikiki! Yup once you start the toki collection you just cant stop! I started my collection the beginning of June! Oh yeah i forgot... I went to chic icon this past sunday and they have the milky time iskin! but you should wait till this weekend because they're going to have a sidewalk sale!
  3. Hi there *****ingizelle, I love your name =) Congrats on your new purses, they look so cute!!! I've never seen the panda lesportsac before, but it's adorable!

    There are lots of Hawaii people on this board and they make me really homesick sometimes! I'm a former Kama'aina, but most of my family still lives in the islands =) So I usually know what you locals are talking about hehe

    Welcome to the forum :yahoo:
  4. Thanks all!

    Ezaryah, where is Chic Icon? I don't think I've heard of that store. I saw the latte iSkin on iskin.com but I think it only works for iPod nano and I have the video one...

    Ladybugpoop, I read (and I think I read it here lol) that the panda style is exclusive to Hawaii... I could be wrong though.
  5. Welcome to the forum!! Yeah, nice to see another gal from Hawaii!! I was in Ala Moana too the other day, and had to really resist getting an amore mamma mia!! I loved the one they had on display, but they did say there was more. *sigh* what to do what to do. Your bags are gorgeous! :tup: Yup, once you start, it's hard to stop. :p
  6. Welcome to the forum! We've got quite a few Hawaii members here!

    Chic Icon is in the Koko Marina shopping center, out in Hawaii Kai. And they have iSkins for the ipod video on the website also. I ordered mine (the Tsuru one) from the site for my video. But the shipping is EXPENSIVE at like $17!!

    And cute MM!!
  7. Welcome! And love your Amore MM!!!:woohoo:
  8. hey *****ingizelle, and welcome! i have the same amore mm and panda reversible tote! and i'm loving your profile pic thing.
  9. One of the 2 year olds at our preschool has the LeSportsac panda coin case. She was adorable holding it in her hand. Hehe.
  10. welcome to the forum!! You got a beautiful l'amore MM!! :tup:
  11. Thanks, everyone! I don't go to Hawaii Kai, so I doubt I'll go to Chic Icon. I was at Ward last week though and saw some Tokidoki stuff but I couldn't really look because my boyfriend was hungry... does anyone know if they have the iSkins or the shirts there? I hardly go there anyway, but I can always give myself an excuse to go.

    I wanted to get a panda cosmetic case too, but I didn't like the price, haha. I'll probably cave in one of these days though.

    You should get it, twingirls! It's really cute!
  12. Where in Hawaii are you? I don't know of anyplace that sells the iSkins here... Jess was the one that informed us about Chic Icon having them. I actually go to the gym right at Koko Marina because I work in Hawaii Kai.
  13. Your Amore MM is so cute. I also love the panda bags! Do they still make those and what's the name of the pattern?
  14. are the pandas really exclusive to hawaii? i was just in waikiki last weekend and thought i would wait and buy the panda at home since prices are better. that would be so sad if i couldn't get the pandas at all now.
  15. welcome to the forum and congrats.. you are so right. you will be obsessed by the end of the year!! :biggrin: (if not sooner!!)