Ahh!! So Mad..

  1. Well, my dad and I went this morning to go buy my mom a Mono Alma and surprise her because from what she's told us, she is also so in love with Louis Vuitton..

    well, we got home with huge grins on our faces because we knew she would be ecstatic to see what we purchased her and we got the biggest surprise of our lives, she didnt want it! She said we spent too much and that she was gonna return the bag tomorrow. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    This makes me SOOOOOO MAD because she and I have spent years gawking at LV's and just last week she made me feel bad because I was gonna get my first LV before she did and now she finally gets her and she is gonna return it! She says that it was way too much money for my dad to have spent on a bag (they do have the money) but what confuses me the most is that I dont know why all of a sudden she got a change of heart.

    I feel so frustrated. Oh well, if she doesnt want an LV than I just know what NOT to get her for the holidays...I guess i'll just stick to shopping in LV with the best person I know..me! :smile:
  2. Some people just aren't comfortable accepting gifts that they know are expensive. Especially if they haven't spent that much money on something for themselves before. :shrugs:

    It's the thought that counts, right? Both you and your dad seem sweet to get her a bag that you'd thought she would like.
  3. Thanks! My dad is pretty much the kind of guy that will do anything to make my mom happy, i just think the fact that he went out to get a LV bag just shows how much he really does love her. I know that it took me a LOOONG time to convince my husband that getting an LV bag wasnt a waste of money.. :yes:
  4. maybe you should try sitting down and chatting with your mom a bit.

    like today when we went into lv, my mom literally ordered me to get her L'Ingénieux PM in black for her bday.

    but at first, when me and my dad got her first lv back when i was like 5 or 6, she didnt want it either. it was a speedy. but now she is in love, and accepts gifts, only on holidays if not she buys them for herself with her money.
  5. Yes, it is the thought that counts, and I am sure she truely appreciated the gift. Some people are just not comfortable with expensive gifts. I love to use my money to purchase LV, but I would not feel comfortable if my husband used his limited retirement money to buy me an expensive gift. I hope this makes sense.
  6. oh it definently makes sense.. maybe i dont know my mom as great as i thought i did..

    i think i'm gonna sit her down though because i would like to get her some thing nice for XMAS this year..
  7. Have a great conversation with her. You sound like a wonderful daughter, and I am sure she is very proud of you. Find out what she would like to have, and buy it for her. :love:
  8. Well at least you tried. Now if she says anything to you about your bag you can just remind her that she could have had an LV bag but she turned it down.

    My mom sure didn't have any problem when my dad bought her an LV. :lol:
  9. Some people don't understand that receiving something wonderful with joy makes the givers happier than words can describe.
  10. Socalgrl, maybe she just felt bad that your dad spend that much money on her?!!! I mean if I was given an LV I would be ecstatic! Just give her time. Maybe give her something smaller from LV.
  11. I totally agree with this quote!!!!!!!! That is how I feel when I give presents to my mom! It is something I can't describe! She works so hard, and when I see her smile, opening gifts, wow, it is priceless!
  12. :girlsigh: Indeed. Don't be mad socalgrl86, I'm sure deep down your mum really appreciates it. Communication is the key:yes:
  13. You should have a little chat with your mom, maybe there's something else bothering her?
  14. Hey, I know how to feel - mostly because my mom did the same thing to me two years ago. I bought her a croissant MM for christmas and she said it was too much money and promptly returned it (and then asked us for the money instead). Grrrr..
  15. hehe! My dad and I actually wanted to buy my mom her first LV for her upcoming B-day (in 2 weeks). We casually mentionned it to her, but she went over the roof scolding us that it's not worth it. Although she knows that I have several of my own (everything bought with my own money) and doesn't mind that I'm passionate for LV, she prefers FOOD over LV lol!!! My mom isn't fat (but she thinks she is....) about 120lbs, she loves to dine in fancy restaurants and exotic fruits... So ya... Everyone likes different things, I'll be saving up for LV while she buys something extraodinary that I've never seen before everyday! lol