Ahh, retail therapy!

  1. I went on a little Coach outlet shopping spree today because I was a little down about what plans I have after I graduate from college in May. I was hoping to go to law school but I don't think my LSAT score is high enough to get in where I want to go so I made the decision to postpone law school plans for a year. I'm going to take the test again and hopefully get a much higher score and just work in the meantime. It's just frustrating because I feel like every though I'm getting my degree I'm still not getting anywhere...not where I want to get, at least not yet. Oh well, no more worries for today! I apologize for this long paragraph, on to more happy things, like Coach!!

    I picked up the large dylan hobo in tobacco and I LOVE it! Also two wristlets for going out at night, a brown sig mini-skinny, 2 charms (? and the half-moon), and my very first coach umbrella. :heart:

    Here they are:

    And just a pic of some of my collection that I currently have with me at school.

    The sad thing is I still plan to buy some things for the PCE! :nuts:
  2. Fabulous choices - love that pink wristlet! And don't worry about the LSAT - I took it twice as well and did much better the second time. You'll definitely get there.
  3. That pink wristlet is adorable! Nice choices! Good luck with your school plans - Coach is good for the soul....
  4. I have that same umbrella! Great choices. And I know what your going through in school....the first time I applied to pharmacy school I didnt get in. Hang in there and you will do it!!
  5. Love the dylan hobo! Don't worry about law school-- you'll get there! Plus a year off to work can help support your Coach collection :yes:
  6. Absolutely love your choices! That had to of made you feel better :yes: You'll ace it next time!
  7. I think the ? charm is appropriate. It's cute! Congrats on the new loot!
  8. Nice choices!
  9. i love the wristlets!!! ahh i cant wait till i go to the outlets this weekend.
  10. HOLY COW i LOVE that blue wallet!!!!!
  11. Gorgeous!! Congrats....
  12. Don't be bummed about the LSAT, I'm trying not to be. I scored about in the middle. I completely froze when I got to the games section. You can always take it again and make sure to practice in many different settings timed and untimed.
  13. I love that dylan hobo. I so regret not getting it when it was in full priced stores. Maybe there is a chance of me getting it now. Anyone seen any at their outlet recently?
  14. Thanks everyone!! I definitely do feel better and I am loving my purchases. Nothing like a little Coach and checking out this forum to make you feel better. I was so happy to find a bunch of things that I liked at the outlet today because my last few trips weren't too successful.

    Heath-kkf- That's where I am as well and I desperately needed about a 160 to have any type of shot of going where I wanted. What are your plans? I'm not looking forward to taking the test again but with more practice and not having things as hectic as they were this year I'm pretty confident that I can get a better score. :smile:

    elongreach- I would check soon because the one that I bought was the very last one they had!
  15. mee too me toooo! hehe :wlae: go us!