AHH need rouge vif!

  1. i'm going crazy for a rouge vif first. does anyone know where i can buy one?? i like sf, and Neiman Marcus doesn't have rouge vif. i asked aloha rag and they said they have only 2 left, but it's not the best material, and i don't want to pay 1000 dollars on a bag that's like a leftover.. ANYONE.EVERYONE PLEASE help a sister out here! i'm longing for one!!
  2. well, all i can tell you is at this point any rouge vifs you find might be just what you said, "leftovers". i'm looking for one too. the good news is that vermillion is the new red for SS07 and i've heard several SA's (BalNY, BalParis, etc) tell me it's very very similar too rouge vif. so, personally i'm waiting til mid December. Sorry, I know that's not that much help.
  3. so when mid december comes around, does this mean that the first would be out too? i don't like the big hardware, would the vermillion be with the oringinal hardware?
  4. Yes, although it seems like we never quite know which styles come out first and where. You can get it with the regular hardware--the Giant is a seperate line, they're not replacing the regular. :smile:
  5. Yes, it will come out in the original hardware!
  6. Oh, I didn't know there was Giant and non-Giant. Is this a limited edition thing?

    Then again they said the padded bags were limited :rolleyes: