Ahh!! -- look what I brought home!

  1. Ok, Ok...I broke my ban a bit early...was supposed to be on a ban until mid June, but I couldn't help it...:crybaby:

    The moment I laid eyes on the Eugenie, I said, "she's mine!"...

    so while hubby went biking this morning, I called up my SA and asked if the Eugenie is in...she told me they received two in yesterday....I told her I'd be RIGHT OVER.

    So, here she is, along with her cousin, the vernis cles in pomme... please welcome them to the family!! :yahoo:

    Also, I asked about a chain extension...cuz I saw a girl wearing her pouchette azur with a chain, and my SA showed me one, for only $30...I brought that home too...don't know what I'd do with it for the moment as I don't own a pouchette...but I'll find something to do with it soon...hehe...




  2. I can't see the pics :sad:
  3. pics please :smile: congrats on your new wallet tho!
  4. I can't see the pics either, but congrats!!
  5. sorry, was too excited, and had some technical difficulties uploading the pix...fixed 'em tho...should be able to see 'em now :smile:
  6. Good choice with the wallet, it's stunning!
  7. Pretty!!Congrats!
  8. Congrats!...I love the wallet and the chain. Is the chain shorter than the original pochette shoulder strap?
  9. Congrats!! It's Gorgeous!! Can We See A Pic Of The Eugenie's Back? Just To See How It Is. Tia
  10. I LOVE that wallet! cool chain for only $30!
  11. Looks good, congrats! : )
  12. nice wallet! Congrats!!!;) May I ask how long is that chain?
  13. WOW its beautiful!! congrats.
  14. congrats! love your wallet!
  15. it's beautiful!!!!!!! i didnt know they had something for $30 in store. :lol: