AHH!! Invasion of the Saleyas!! LOL

  1. Last night SO and I went shopping. I was carrying my Saleya GM with my red Groom bandeau tied on.

    We were in Tiffany's and I looked across the room and there was a girl carrying the Saleya GM as well!! I was literally speechless for a moment bc I have never seen another person in my area carry the GM as an 'everyday bag'.

    I didn't want her to think I was rudely staring at her, so I caught her eye, pointed to my bag and said "I love your bag!!"

    :yes: She was very sweet and said the same about mine...she also added that each boutique in the country only gets 14 Saleya GMs?!?! I thought that was kind of strange, but just said "Wow we are really lucky then!!"

    THEN I was walking into the front room at Tiffany's not 20 minutes later and there was another lady who had a Saleya PM!!! :p

    THEN we went into the LV boutique where the front window displays had like 4 Saleyas of all different sizes in it!!! SO and I were laughing bc I NEVER see the Saleya but all of the sudden there was an explosion of them!!:roflmfao:

    Sorry for the long story I just had to share!!:nuts:
  2. that's really funny!!!

    i was shocked to see someone sitting across from me on the bus yesetrday with a damier speedy. i never see damier around! lol
  3. I noticed they are getting really popular.
  4. ^yup my Saleya is probably my favorite bag that I own...looks like others are discovering it as well!! LOL
  5. lol. so funny. in good company then.
  6. If i was a woman, and i even considered getting one even though im not, i would definitely be interested in the saleya line. I love the suppleness of the damier, and the alcantara lining...i think the mm was my favorite size.
  7. I saw a lady in Target with one (a GM) and it was gorgeous! I had never seen one IRL. I can see why they are getting popular.

    Glad the lady was nice back to you!
  8. That's funny..
  9. Oh, but it's such an adorable bag!

  10. same here! I saw a Damier speedy on someone else for the first time at walmart a few weeks ago.
  11. Saleya is certainly looking as a tempting alternative to speedy!

    Owners of this bag, could you tell me what you love or don't love about it?? :idea:
  12. Must be a popular bag in your area :smile:
  13. I love it when I see great bags on other people! Great story!!
  14. So far i've only seen one Azur saleya PM....So pretty!!!
  15. Great to see it's popular, I love that shape!