AHH Im so upset!! CLOSET RANT!

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  1. Talk about bad luck! I just spent about 3 hours re-organizing my entire closet, color coordinating it and the WHOLE works and 30 min ago, the whole thing just falls down! :crybaby: This is a serious heart attack to a tPFer, my closet is my life... all my bags are squished somewhere down there... ahhh!

    The shelves just gave in and everything just went down!!! I am so sad, mad and angry!!! UGH! It wouldnt matter as much if I JUST didnt spend sooo long working on it.. but now the entire contents of my closet is sprawled all over the house and I have to wait until my dad fixes it to start alllll over again! :cursing:

    At least I wasnt in there when everything caved in, so I guess im semi-lucky....

    Thanks for letting me rant!
  2. OMG noooooooo!!!!!!:wtf: I'd be fuming! I hope it all works out (and I hope no bags got squished)!
  3. uhh that sucks

    you need a bigger closet!!
  4. OMG! What a pain! So sorry!
  5. thank goodness you weren't underneath it all!!
  6. Oh my that does suck. How did it suddenly collapse do you think? Did you add new bars or shelves? Thank God you're okay though.
  7. that sucks! i was arranging my closet yday too! had to throw away 2 bags of clothes to make everything fit.

    better luck next time!
  8. It sounds like Fate is sending you a message. Send your dad out to get you some cubes. Stackable, non-falling cubes. They're cheap, they hold lots, and it's all visible.
  9. oh my, thats terrible. Thank God you werent underneath it when it happened.
  10. Oh no...that;s awful!!!! I hope you get it fixed OK!
  11. OOPPPSSS sorry all that work.

    pppsssttt maybe a sign of too much shopping LOL
  12. That is so frustrating!
  13. Thanks everyone for the responses, yea, I was thinking it was fate tooo... I need to get rid of some clothes.. and I actually have pretty big walk in closet, not just a little section in the wall (think traditional closets).. its just the shelves are attached to the walls and I guess all my stuff, incl. the shoes and bags on the top of the shelves were too heavy.. and it all came falling down :sad:

    Oh well... guess Im gonna have to reorganize again and start putting some things into storage bins or something... I dont like doing that because I dont like rotating the clothes each season, LOL.. does anyone do this?

    If so, is it a pain to rotate the clothes each season?
  14. Speaking of organizing closets...I WAS suppose to do so this weekend...and I got lazy. :shame:
  15. ha! be careful when youre doing it.. LOL