Ahh!! I just got a deal....

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  1. I just bought my first Marc Jacobs...I got the Ingrid Quilted Shoulder Bag in Black & ON SALE!!! $277 @ Saks!!! Can you believe it. This is my early birthday present to myself! Yay! I will post pics when I get it!:yahoo:
  2. what a deal!
    i can't wait to see pics...

    happy early birthday:yahoo:
  3. Is this the small shoulder bag with pushlock detail on the front and chain strap? I bought & returned mine today at Saks in Bala Cynwyd. It's also $277. I ended up getting a Dolce & Gabbana bag instead. :smile:
  4. D&G very nice choice! yes it is the small shoulder bag with puchlock! I am so excited to wear it.:smile:
  5. Great deal, congrats!
  6. Oh my gosh Nes, that's a wonderful deal!! Congrats on your 1st MJ bag!!
  7. Great deal, congratulations! will come back to see the pic :tup:
  8. Great deal! Congrats.
  9. Congrats on the great deal and your first bag! Here's to many more! :graucho: And def. post pics soon!
  10. congrats! ;)
  11. great deal. congrats.
  12. GREAT deal!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Great deal! Congrats!!
  15. Great deal, congrats!