Ahh!! I finally did it! MY FIRST GUCCI!!!

  1. Oh. My. God. I finally purchased my first Gucci!! :yahoo:

    I just won it on eBay, from a reputable seller with amazing feedback for authentic high end bags. As the girls in the "Authenticate this Gucci" thread know, I've done a TON of research, and am 100% confident that I've just purchased the real deal.

    I wanted to get something gently used as my first Gucci, so I'll know I'm in love before I go splurge on the many bags that I'm sure are to follow! (mona_danya knows which one will probably be next!!)

    Here's a pic from eBay, and I'll follow up when she gets here!!


    Ahhh!! Is this how it feels every time you get a Gucci?!?

  2. Congrats!
    It looks so gorgeous.
    Cant wait to see the pics from you.
  3. Wow congrats....so are you still after the other Blue Grace bag??? Its a high isn't it.....

    I don't think I'm gonna sleep until I find mine!!
  4. Congrats! You will soon be addicted!:devil: Thats is a sweet first gucci. post pics when you get it.
  5. I seen that auction.Its a beauty.Please model once you get it.
  6. Congrats!! That is a beautiful purse!
  7. It's lovely...what a way to start!! Congratulations.
  8. congrats!
  9. beautiful purse!

  10. Definitely. :love: I just got #4 last week (an Ivory medium Peggy) and LOVE IT! :yahoo:

    Your new bag looks like the prototype for the Amalfi I got last fall. Have a look:
  11. Congrats!
  12. woohoo!! congrats on ur first gucci!

  13. That's so funny! I was really considering an Amalfi hobo, but was having a hard time finding "the one". I kept coming across white leather ones, which are gorgeous, and a few signature ones, but I tend to lean towards brown leather bags, so I wanted to go with something that I knew I would get a lot of use out of. I love your brown one, though, and if I had seen one, it probably would have been my first!
  14. Gorgeous!!!!
  15. Congrats its beautiful!!!! Enjoy it!