Ahh I can't decide. Help me. =)

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  1. Which should I get??
    I can't decide which i want to get from these 2.


  2. is the first one also for keys?

    i prefer the second one...
  3. 2nd one, the cles. :yes:
  4. I like the cles!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Cozy will fit more cards/cash, so I'd go with that. If you'd rather have something you can attach your keys onto, then go with the cles.
  6. Both are adorable, but what do you want to use it for?
    The MC cles is better if you want to use it for keys, and a bit of money and a few ccs.
    It you will not be using it for keys, than the cozy purse will hold more ccs and money.
  7. i want to use it for money.:yes:
  8. i have the cles in white mc and totally loving it!
    i use it to put paper money & CC when i don't take my huge MC PTI with me.
    it's perfect to put in my jeans pocket to clubbing and u need ur hands free. and it don't bulk in pocket too.

    cozy is def. bigger and fits more things, but it's bulkier though!
  9. Then I'd go with the cozy:yes: Good luck.
  10. I vote the Cles.. its beautiful!
  11. Both are really cute, hmm but I would say the cles!
    Since you can put it on the outside of a bag, hang it on your keys... it just seems more practical and convenient!
  12. I prefer the first one.
  13. I'd definitely go with the Cozy.
  14. I'd go with the cozy if you're going to use it more for cash. Gorgeous choices though!
  15. LOVE the cozy. want one but have no idea what i would do with it