Ahh crap. I feel kind of bad.

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  1. Should I?

    On Feb 25 a buyer won a bag I was selling [nothing expensive, it was a tote for $7.99] I sent numerous messages and she never responded to me or ebay. [I filed a NPB dispute.] She pays waaay after it ends on March 17. I refund her. Thats that. I dont leave feedback and neither does she.

    I'm looking at fb today and she left a feedback saying "nice bag" but of course it doesnt affect my rating. I get so mad bc in my auction it said "Do not bid if you do not intend to pay. I fill file NPB claim and leave - fb." So I leave her a neg saying "Buyer never paid." Without thinking, I leave it, and remember she did pay, but it was 22 days later. I cant change it now, and I feel kind of bad/stupid since she did technically pay even though it was so late.

    I guess lesson learned. I still feel kind of stupid. Lol. Ohwell. Now I am afraid she will make a new name and sabotage[sp?] my auctions. I hope not. I am prob just over reacting.

    Has anyone ever did something like this? Would a buyer [she has 22 fb] actually sabotage my auctions? [Probably so!]

  2. can't you contact ebay and have them remove it
  3. I'm not sure.. I have never done that.. and she didnt leave me a neg..
  4. I don't think your fb was out of line -she didn't pay within the set time frame, so in my book you're in the clear here. And no, I don't think a buyer with 22 fb would bother trying to sabotage your auctions, it's so easy to just create a new account if the neg bothers her. What kind of fb did she leave you? I couldn't figure that out from what you wrote. But either way, she deserves the neg.
  5. honestly, I wouldn't worry about it, considering how long she took to pay! You can request to remove it, can't you? And then she can agree....
  6. She left it saying "nice bag" I guess it would be considered + but it didnt count towards my score bc she never responded to her unpaid buyers strike. Either way, I went to remove it. I should have left her a neutral. I try to be really honest on ebay and look where it gets me. I'm so confused lol. Ohwell whats done is done I guess.
  7. I doubt she would try to sabotage you. She might think you are kind of a jerk for messing up her feedback when she did pay you, albeit late.
  8. I think you can leave a reply to HER feedback to you as well as your initial feedback ie two lots of feedback. You could try and rectify things by leaving 2nd feedback along the lines of, 'sorry about 1st feedback, did pay but 22 days late so refunded immediately' or something similar. I'm not sure if it's worth doing anything at all though, might be best to do nothing at all.
  9. ^ I wouldn't apologize in her feedback at all -She paid waaay too late, which is basically the same as not paying at all, in my book (unless you've reached an agreement with the seller first) as in a lot of cases, a seller wont wait three weeks before they relist the item.
  10. She paid 22 days late and I'm a jerk? She already had other -'s for NPB so I def did NOT mess up her fb. However, I did state in the auction that I would leave - fb for a np bidder.

    But I decided to withdraw the feedback. I really hate to leave - fb and I feel that I was a TAD bit wrong for leaving a neg when I should have left a neut.

    Thanks for all your guys comment and suggestions. :flowers:
  11. I think a nuetral would have been justice enough. But whats done is done and I think it would just be fair to put a reply under the feedback saying the payer eventually did pay. IMO
  12. Thanks Keya. I really appreciate your comments :yes:. I prob should have left it the way it was, but ohwell. I guess I will really think next time when leaving appropriate fb.
  13. Oh no, dont feel bad. She caused you a load of hassle by not paying in time. It was a small amount and it cant have been difficult to press a few buttons and pay. And then she leaves the nice bag feedback..weird, she hasnt even got the bag..
  14. have it removed and maybe leave a neutral instead
  15. YOu can contact your buyer ask ask her to file feedback withdrawal mutual. If you click ok, her -feedback will be remove :smile: