AHH! another sticky situation! please help!

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  1. hi bbag lovers!

    so here's the scenario:

    so i won this auction eBay: 100% Auth BALENCIAGA Medium City Handbag Bag '06 Black (item 200048288743 end time Nov-23-06 02:27:12 PST) and i did something really stupid! instead of waiting for the seller to send me an invoice first, i immediately paid her via paypal as soon as the auction ended. i know, i know, that was stupid of me, but i was really excited! anyhow, i paid her last thursday after thanksgiving dinner, and i've emailed her several times inquiring when i could be expecting to receive this bag, but she hasn't responded to any of my emails yet! at first, i didn't really think anything of it, but i'm really starting to worry now! i know $785 may not seem like a lot to you, but i'm a starving, working student! this purchase was like an early christmas + birthday gift to myself, so yeah, i'm a little discouraged! i wanted to ask you PFers what you ladies think i should do... does anyone know how to get her contact information? i tried searching eBay for it, and the invoice that eBay had automatically sent me, but i couldn't find her number or anything. should i give it a couple more days? maybe she's still on vacation? maybe she's hurt? i hope not! if this transaction doesn't go through, i'll be totally heartbroken! my last "bbag" experience on eBay was a complete nightmare (seller tried to sell me a fake bag). if this transaction does not happen (knock on wood), then it's official-- i am cursed! balenciaga hates me. anyway, sorry for rambling, any help/advice would be appreciated. thanks for listening.
  2. I would give it a couple more days. Unfortunately, some sellers aren't as responsive (which is SOO annoying). I know I've asked questions after paying, with no answer...and then the item just shows up at my door a week or two later.
  3. She may be away on holiday (though I like when sellers use the vacation feature on their listings) or otherwise incapacitated...I would definitely give it until Sunday night. If you haven't heard from her by then, you can take it up with Ebay- but she'll likely say that you should have waited for an invoice. No matter what, your payment should be protected by Paypal so don't fret- and definitely don't give up on Balenciaga!
    And for the record- $785 is a LOT of money, whether you're a student or not. Don't ever feel like it's not going to seem like a big deal when you are worried about something, that's what we're all here for:yes: !
  4. I am so sorry.

    I wish you luck, hope you get your bag!
  5. you know what? you guys are totally right! she's probably busy right now, which IS annoying! anyhow, i'll definitely give it till sunday! thanks mpark46 and stylefly!! =)
  6. thanks cilla!

    i'm going to try not to think about this (i have finals and papers due all this week), so yeah, i don't need the additional stress! anyway, i'll keep you girls posted! thanks again!!
  7. Give her a call. Here's how to get her contact information from eBay.

    Click "Advanced Search" in the upper right hand side of the eBay site, underneath the search field.

    Then all the way on the left hand side of the page you'll see a Search directory, click on "Find Contact Information" under the heading "Members".

    There you just fill out the form with the seller's eBay user ID & the item number of the transaction you two are in. That will send an email to both of you with telephone numbers and such.

    She may have no idea you are worried and there are a good number of non-communicative sellers. Hopefully she's already sent your bag. Keep us updated. Good luck!
  8. ebay suggests that buyer and seller have communication within a reasonable time after the auction ends, and they consider that 3 business days. Thursday was a holiday and doesnt count, Friday, Monday and Tuesday have passed, she should be communicating to you by wednesday. Did you pay with a credit card? I wouldnt panic yet. I have bought things from some sellers and not once did they contact me, I paid automatically like you did and I received my item a week or so later. Dont panic yet.
  9. I agree with Rocksteady, do the ebay search and pull her contact number, give her a call it will put our mind at rest. Her computer could be down anything could have happen so I would call her
  10. Hope things work out for you! The others have given you some great advice! Definitely hoping this experience turns out to be a pleasant one unlike your last. Good luck with this and your studying!
  11. Check the bag carefully when you get it though because she does have a negative for selling a Marc Jacobs fake.
  12. I'd say give it a couple more days. Good luck.
  13. hi everyone!

    i've got great news! the seller responded to me this morning! she was out of town due to a family emergency, and she assured me not to worry because she would be sending the item out ASAP! my mind can be at peace now! anyhow, thank you everyone for your support! i love this forum! :heart:
  14. Great news!!! So glad you feel better!
  15. Hi dear

    $785 is alot of money. You must have worked very hard for that money & I'm a uni student its alot of money dear.

    Be patient as long as u paid via paypal it should b ok :smile: Next time doo not do that next time as unfortunately the seller may have sent the bag. Have u insured the bag with your payment? If u have i guess its ok.