Ahh! A stitch on my bocce broke!!!

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  1. Well i bought my adios bocce for like 20 dollars. However the stitch where the qee is gone! Do you think its okay if it's gone or should i just return it? It's a good deal for a bocce though that i have found! Has any of you bags have broken stitches before? how'd you fix it? :sad:
    sorry the pictures arent that good!



  2. I'd keep it $20 is a good deal on a bocce. The stitching issue is not something I would worry about.
  3. You got a deal on that purse. I'd definitely keep it! :yes: I can't really see your photos because they're kind of blurry but is it a stitch on the leather that you're talking about? :confused1:
  4. wow $20! AWESOME DEAL! I wouldn't worry to much about a stitch.
  5. For $20, I wouldn't worry, especially if it's just a leather stitch.
  6. i wouldn't really worry aobut it for 20 bucks, i had the same issue with one of my purses, but it does irritate me knowing it has a stitch missing.

  7. Yea, the stitch on the leather!
  8. Oh yeah, I wouldn't worry about that. I have some bags that I actually got like that and I paid full price! :push: I must admit that the quality of my toki bags aren't the best in the world. You got a sweet deal though, so I would definitely keep it.
  9. :woohoo:
  10. I would keep it for sure!