Ahh a purchase to lift my spirits!

  1. I've been quite sick the past three months, out of work and depressed :sad: After a lot of contemplation I decided to treat myself to one purchase I've wanted a long time - I was lucky enough to find a black metallic flap and am in :heart: . It really boosts my spirits especially during this difficult time - though I don't get to use it much, she's a joy to stare at for now. Just wanted to share!!!




  2. it's gorgeous~!:drool:

    we all have our ups and downs...but i try to think of it this way, one more "down" i have now, is one less "down" i'll have later and one MORE *up* for later!

    i hope you feel better - this beauty should be more than enough to do the trick~!:yes:
  3. aww twinklette so sorry to hear about your health, job, and depression. if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here! you can PM me and I'll give you my email address.

    everyone deserves a nice treat every now and then, that is a GORGEOUS one that you chose! *HUG*
  4. ooh beautiful bag! i know everytime you look at it it will lift your spirits! i am so sorry to hear about your recent trouble. we all have periods of that. things will get better!
  5. I'm glad your spirits have been boosted. I hope you get well soon.

    You have a beautiful bag. Congrats and I wish you good health.
  6. Sorry you've had a hard time of it lately, but congrats on your new bag! It's gorgeous! {{{hugs}}}
  7. Beautiful bag Twink! Feel better soon and yes, you will be in my prayers~~~
  8. Glad to hear that the purchase lifted your spirits I certainly know how that feels... I will send a prayer your way...
    Good luck with everything and I hope all goes well with you.
  9. Owning a bag like that will make your troubles pass by with greater ease. Congrats, it is lovely
  10. Beautiful bag!! Hope your spirits are lifted ASAP! :smile:
  11. Congrats with your beautiful bag, you deserve it!
    Hope you feel better real soon :yes:
  12. what a wonderful bag! glad its cheered you up somewhat, here's hoping that nothing but good things come your way soon (this bag is a great start isn't it?) -hugs-!!! take care!
  13. twinklette, sorry to hear you aren't feeling your best. your new bag is gorgeous and i'm glad that it is helping to lift your spirits! a lil retail therapy never hurt!
  14. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling great - love your beautiful bag! Feel better soon:smile:
  15. Ooh very cute!