Ahem.....look what I just purchased!

  1. Totally unplanned!!! :shocked: However, sometimes, even we Scorpio's must follow our heart. I saw this and HAD to have her :love:


    She will match my new Lydie belt!
  2. totally beautiful Rose ,what is the gold chain can u post some more snaps of it ,havent seen the style
  3. Very nice! how big is that? Looks lovely...
  4. I will as soon as she gets here, next week sometime.
  5. Your Lydie is simply stunning, Rose. What a classic and classy bag!

  6. It's 26 x 16.5 cm which would be about 10 x 6.5 in
  7. Rose, it is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  8. She is just gorgeous Rose, congrats!!! I was drooling over her today, she is so classy.
  9. It's the Lydie. The gold chains are where you attach the shoulder strap. I am so glad she's going to a good home. She's a beauty!!!! One of my favorite Hermes styles. My heart goes pitter, patter, pitter, patter.
  10. OH MY!!!
    How great is this??!?!? Congrats Rose!!
  11. It's so chic! Can't wait to see more pics! Congrats!
  12. HG, thank you for the enabling!
  13. Delish!!!
  14. Congratulations, she is lovely !!
  15. SO CUTE !!! CONGRATS !!!!!!!!