*ahem* birthday 1mos. away.

  1. So i've decided not to go all out on a party and just have a simple going out to eat dinner thing.

    Now my bf lets me decide on the gifts I get and i'm a little clueless at the moment..

    Here are my options..

    1. Pearls, either tahitian or the pink freshwater cultured pearls (idk if earrings, bracelet, or necklace)

    2. Louis vuitton damier speedy 25

    3. Another set of diamond earrings

    4. Josh groban tickets, he's coming to NJ twice!!! and i would LOVEEEE to go see him again which I will!, but this can be a gift :biggrin: or I can buy it myself.

    5. something simple like sneakers, shoes and a nice dress for my bday and he can save up for a bigger jewelry item ;)

    6. Next years summer vacation, maybe something with Sandals to Antigua.
  2. Can you get the bigger jewelry item and them the simple sneakers or something for the next bday instead?!?!?

    i'd go with the speedy or jewelry. =)
  3. I'd go with the LV speedy or the pearls. Happy early Birthday!!
  4. wow, great choices!!!!

    well, it depends on what you already have: do you have like a huge LV collection? then i would wait on the speedy but if it is the one item you really want, I would go for the speedy

    or pearls as they are a classic. since you already have diamond earrings I would pass on these, and also on the saving for a bigger jewelry piece (but I am not a bling kind a girl)

    or summer hols - if you are a traveller that is a nice gift, and a nice memory together.