Ahck! My Whiskey Edith already shipped, but don't want it!

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  1. Hi Chloe fans, :idea:

    I had ordered the Chloe Whiskey Edith via NM.com bit over a month ago but had decided I'd rather buy a Chanel and LV instead and cancel my NM.com order. It was supposed to ship out around 5/8 so I'd been delaying calling the customer service to cancel only to receive an email the it's already on its way via Fedex!! I thought they'd at least call beforehand but guess I was wrong.

    Anyhow, I know some of you are longing for the Whiskey Edith so I thought I'd ask if anyone was interested in the bag and I'm willing to post it up on WTS board. It'd be the price I paid NM (retail price plus tax plus handling fee I paid) +$10 shipping to send it to anyone who purchases. If no one's interested, I'll end up returning it. It'll likely arrive tomorrow or Mon/Tues of next week. Will post pictures once it's in.
  2. I might be in the same boat as you, except my Edith is Choco. I was just as surprised when I found out it had been shipped, since I was expecting a May delivery date as well.
  3. It was surprise yesterday too! I read the email at 9am, by 10am the bag was here! :biggrin: A very nice surprise but I always thought that it was my birthday present in May.
  4. I didn't see it on NM, how much was it?
  5. I was charged $1405 ($1275 plus $108 tax + $22 delivery/processing)
  6. What! I Never Get Charged Tax Through Nm.com
  7. If there is no NM in your state, then there is no sales tax.
  8. Thanks for the heads up.
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