AH! Water spot on my Louboutins!

  1. :sad: I went to the bathroom and while I was washing my hands a big drop of water splashed on my kid leather CL camel decollete pumps. I wiped it off but now there is a big round water mark right on the point of the toe. It's as big as a nickle. How do I get rid of it? Will leather conditioner help? I can't believe the leather got stained so fast!!! I've only worn them 4 or 5 times!

    Thank you!!!!!
  2. Oh, and I just ordered these from net-a-porter:
    I got the last in my size! (assuming I had to go 1/2 up in size in them - hopefully they will fit.)
  3. Ooooh..they are just like the ones that I got except they are 10cm heels..(mine are 12cm)

    But..as far as i know, pigalles are either true to size or you even have to go half size smaller.....some people for 12cm pigalles, they go whole size smaller because your feet go toward the front of the shoes(your feet gets squished) too much.....

    I wish they fit you...Or foot petals are another option! :smile:

    As far as the water spot, I would say call and ask the SA before you take any action just to be on the safe side...Or your local shoe smith.....(shoe repair place)

    Good luck!
  4. :supacool: omg me too!! Soooo excited.

    As for the water mark, I don't know. I hope it'll be alright. It's only water so hopefully it won't be too bad. :shrugs:
  5. Rayrayray,
    Congrats on your new shoes!!! I was afraid of trying to walk in the 12cm instead of the 10, but the 12 are certainly more eye-catching! Enjoy them!

    I hope I can get this water spot fixed. It's so disappointing! And I was being careful, too!
  6. Thank you, una!
  7. Well, 10cm pigalles are way more practical! You will be able to wear them more often than I!

    Please post pix when you get them...I am so excited for you!:yahoo:
  8. Well, the water mystery is solved. I went to my leather repair store and asked them if they could fix it. The woman said that this definitely shouldn't have happened simply with water and showed me where the varnish on the shoe is to keep it from happening. Then she said, "It must be something in the water. I wonder what they're treating your water with?" I live in an area with a known perchlorate concentration so I have no doubt that they treat the heck out of our water. So to clean up the perchlorate they must put some chemical in the water that will damage the varnish on top of the leather of my CL shoes.

    I'm sort of bummed they won't be able to fix my shoes, but more sort of worried about what's in our tap water.:wtf:

    But it wasn't a defect with CL's leather, so all can feel good about that!

  9. Yeah, even more confirmation to never drink tap water. Seriously, I hope SOMETHING works to help make it go away. keep us updated.
  10. Yea I was just about to say, it must've been something with the water b/c I've gotten water spots on my camel CL's and at first I freaked out as I saw the dark spot, but then it faded away in like 5 minutes once it dried so then I felt ok. lol.

    Hmm, I live in NYC and our water's supposed to be the cleanest. Where do you live compulsive purse?? I'll remember to never drink the tap water there when if I ever visit the state/country lol