AH, my listing is 5 not 7 days, can i change it!?!?

  1. I must not have changed that detail when i listed my item via template! i listed the item as 5, not seven days, and that's not so good!

    is there any way to change that any more? i went to revise my item and the option was not even there anymore!

    what shall i do? anyone know?
  2. i can't seem to connect with live help, i keep getting a little sentence at the bottom that says not conncected to server!
  3. There are posts on the seller forums on eBay that once an auction is listed (not fixed price, but auction) u cannot extend the listing. Another way for eBay to make $$$...
  4. you can go into revise auction and go into details.. you can extend the days up until 12 hours before the auction ends. that is what i usually do if i have no bids on my items yet. hope this helps!
  5. You can only do it if your item doesnt have any bids, once there are bids youre stuck.
  6. eBay changed their policy and now consider altering your listing duration as fee circumvention. They just announced it officially this week.

    BTW, I keep meaning to do an introduction post, but all I've done so far is this forum and this topic. I'll get to it...
  7. welcome jonas!
  8. i really appreciate all of your replies, and they all make good sense.
    unfortunately, ebay no longer makes good sense! i couldn't do anything about it and im not happy.

    you can't change the duration now. i don't know when that started, but it is what it is.

    yet another ebay seller gripe. they don't make anything exept the listing of the item easy!

    after you list, you wait 24 hours for it to show.
    if you made a mistake,you are prob stuck with it.
    and after the 24 hour period where the scrutinized your auction, it STILL may get pulled on grounds of unauthenticity!!!!!!

    lord help us.

    thanks again you all for all of your replies!
  9. ^^ It's so stupid. They are trying to milk us for every penny we've got! The announcement for this made a few days ago. I wonder if it only applies to ebay.com? I'm usually on ebay.com.au and there's been no such announcement.

    Regardless, ebay is getting more greedy and sellers have less and less rights. :hysteric: