••Ah! I did the unthinkable! I dunked a LEGACY vachetta bag! {results}••

  1. I gave my white legacy Mandy a bath tonight....did it the same way, but unfortunately I'm not having the same good results :sad:
    The leather, although still wet, feels inexplicably sticky now, and there are places where the white seems to literally be disintegrating away. Not to mention the color transfer didn't come off the back. I'm really sad right now, but I'll wait til she's dry and then see what I can do, if anything. I'm also afraid the conditioning will take the white right off the leather. Think I may have made a mistake with Mandy (sniff).
  2. Fingers Crossed!

    I have noticed when dunking the light colored, regular glove tanned leathers that the dark leather shows through the white, and looks scary, but when it drys, it turns out OK..so be calm, and maybe she will dry fine. Maybe just try to not rub the leather too much, and hold off on the conditioning till you see how she's turning out?
  3. good luck and cant wait to hear an update!
  4. Thats is super cool. Great job

    Awe that is sad about mandy. Hope she is ok after she dries. :flowers:
  5. It looks almost brand new!!
  6. I keep coming back to look at the pictures.
  7. I'm carrying the legacy flap again today. She really does look new again and the leather is really softening up!

    No updates on Mandy yet....she's still drying....
  8. That bag came out beautiful. After working on the blue, I've kind of decided if I invest in another one of these bags, I'll go with a brown tone.

    It seems like this leather WANTS to revert back to the brown.
  9. Yeah, and it may be that the darker colors are so saturated that the color really hangs on. My camel one looks just like it did when I bought it.

    My white Mandy, though, was not quite so lucky. At least the color transfer is on the back where no one will see it, but it still really bothers me. I just hope after it dries that the leather isn't sticky and the white doesn't rub off :/
  10. How is Mandy today?
  11. Actually, she looks pretty good! The leather isn't sticky anymore, and I gave her one cost of Apple conditioner tonight. I'll probably do another coat tomorrow night just to soften her a little more. I think she's gonna survive!
  12. YAY! Good news! The lighter bags seem to look worse when they are wet, the dark bags look better.
  13. Great news!
  14. looks fantastic! thanks for sharing!
  15. Any new updates or pics!!!