AH dilemma!

  1. So I had just received my Modern Chain Flap in Dark Grey, which took me a LOT of calling to track down.. but I guess it was the display bag and the bag has a few scratches and the CC hardware is a bit scuffed.

    Is there anything I can do? Should I just return it?

    Adding to this problem, another Saks just called me back saying they had this one in stock now that was brand new, but by the time I can return this one, it will be sold.. I only have one credit card and I don't want to take out another one yet, so buying that one first is a problem. Can I even do anything?? :hysteric:
  2. Oh my. I would have to get the brand new one someway somehow then return the display bag.
  3. I returned a bag today that was obviously a display bag. Very dirty on the inside. I would return the display bag if you're unhappy. There is no need to spend good money on a bag that you're not happy with.
  4. i would get the new one.
  5. I wouldn't live with a display:p :p
  6. If you are really unhappy then return it but I don't know how many MC flaps are around. Good luck!
  7. No displays for me. I would return it and keep checking w/ the S/A at the other Saks during the return process and maybe the bag will still be there.