ah crap... my first LV dilemma

  1. ok so i'm the girl who just posted about her first LV bag.. and now i already have a dilemma! i'm glad you all are just as obsessive (if not more :sweatdrop:) about bags bc i don't know who else to ask!

    so i got the azur speedy 30 which is lovely... but i saw the damier canvas (brown) version at the store and i also realllly liked that one. i know the azur is probably harder to keep clean, but i like how different it looks. then again... the brown version looks so classic and chic! what do you girls think, should i exchange? help! :shrugs:
  2. i have the original damier canvas (brown) and i have to tell you I love it. It's especially fabulous to take out in the rain - no worries about vachetta getting wet! I don't have to watch the handles when I put on lotion or perfume or anything of that sort. It's a fabulous all weather bag.

    Just something to think about ;)
  3. Don't exchange! Save your money and get the ebene version too. They are completely different bags!
  4. Keep the azur!!!! It's fresh for spring/summer.
  5. Keep the azur and get the ebene later!!
  6. I'd just hang on to the Azur for now esp. since it was a gift? (if I remember correctly) ... it'll be great with spring and summer coming up here real soon. Think about it for a couple more days (if you're still within your allowed time for exchange) and if by then you still would rather have the Ebene, then of course exchange it ... you have to be happy with your purchase!
  7. I would get the Ebene - so pretty and classy! And so much easier to keep clean - no vachetta, can go in the rain and stay beautiful. No worries about your jeans rubbing off on the azur and making blue stains on it that you can't get off [that happened to one of my daughters].
  8. good memory, sweetpurple, yes it was a gift... but i paid for it with my own money and my mom is sending me a check since she lives on the other side of the country. so i have free reign on whether or not i can exchange it. i still have 30 days to think it over... but i cannot get the ebene (i guess thats what the brown version is called?) out of my head!
  9. I say keep your Azur.
  10. its a great sping summer bag!~ keep it!
  11. Damier Canvas in Ebene is the greatest thing since sliced bread! :tup:
  12. keep the azur, it's great for spring/summer and you can always get the ebene in the fall. plus -- there's many more options for darker speedies (mini lin in ebene, regular mono) -- maybe you will want one of those later on. i think the azur is refreshing!
  13. Keep it and maybe get the ebene later.
  14. I agree with everyone that says keep the Azur. It's the perfect bag for Spring/Summer. Just save up and pick up the Ebene for Fall.
  15. Do they actually give you 30 days to think about it... in your own home???
    Thats nuts !!