Agyness Mania!!!

  1. Hello All!!

    I've just been on the Mulberry website & spotted the mushroom Agyness bag & I just love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The metallic one is a bit tasty, too.

    Anyone have any idea when they may be available in the outlets - bit beyond my price range at the moment!


    PS Anyone living in the Cheshire Oaks area - I have it on very good authority that there is a Mulberry shop opening in 2 weeks!:yes:
  2. Yep they are fab !! tried out today in HOF , I didn`t know that they come in two sizes , one of them can`t remember what colour, it was has silver clasp , not to sure if i like this .
  3. Oh yay!! Me!!! Race you there!!!! Or if you buy me some cake I will give you 15 minutes headstart in the shop!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx:tup:
  4. Great will coincide with a trip up to see the parents before Christmas.
  5. I saw the Agyness for the first time in real life today and found the size of the regular a bit disappointing - I really thought that it was bigger from the measurements on the website :oh: But maybe it’s one of those designs that holds more than you think...
    The large Agyness looks great - love the size, but the colours are a bit blah imo. The rose colour is looks nice but is much too delicate for my ways...
    Still love the gunmetal one, though - but not the pricetag :sad:
  6. I haven't seen any in the outlets yet. Would expect they'll start coming through sometime soon though.