Agyness Hobo- have anyone seen IRL?

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  1. What is it like? Does anybody has it...?:confused1:

  2. I saw it last summer & nearly bought it in coral. It was really nice, a good size, v easy to wear on the shoulder & had the lovely plaited bits that are distinctive on Agyness.
  3. Thanks for the info;)
  4. There were some at Bicester yesterday - Black and I think a Mustard one.

    I would say the body is a bit like the Soho. Thicker leather with the plaited bits at the sides and i think it had a zip fastening. It was quite nice - can't remember how much they were I'm afraid.
  5. Ooooh, I didn't spot those. I really liked the black one.
  6. I just ordered one, hopefully I will love it, a bit a of risky business buying without seeing, but I trust you guys...:P
  7. There was a raisin one, too :yes:
  8. Oh yeah - that was the other colour.

    They were quite nice weren't they?