Agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I ruined my Shirley

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  1. I used babywipe to clean a stain off my shirley, and now it left a bigger stain, its been 3 hours and the stain still looks the same, doesnt look like its going to dry off.. What am i going to do now :sad:.

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  2. I'm sorry that happened, crystalstar. I think I would try to bring it to a specialty leather cleaning place, if you can hold off. Hopefully they can fix it, but if not, the patina will cover the stain in time.
  3. Oh no..I am sorry that happened..
  4. agrrr... but what happened :sad:, i used babywipe to clean it all the times.... Agrrr.. i feel so stupid...Im so bad at taking care of my bags.....
  5. thanks :sad: but there is no speciaty leather cleaning place in Vietnam... Gosh, i think i just have to try to live with it.... :hysteric:
  6. What kind of stain was it?
  7. You used a babywipe? Maybe you could rub a babywipe on the rest of the vachetta to even it out?
  8. i got no idea, i got home from a night out and saw the stain there.. Normally i can just use babywipe to clean it right out, but i got no idea why this time it became a bigger stain.
  9. I am sorry that this happened.
  10. hmhm heheh its not gonna work that way, i actually used the babywipe all around the stain, and it dried off, only right at the original stain spot, which is now double the size, doesnt go away..:cursing:
    (my english is not good so i dont know if i explain it right... )
  11. once it gets a full patina you will never even know it happened...good luck and do not will patina and it will be fine...I know that it is nerve racking because LV is a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. I'm sorry that happened. Maybe it is an oily or greasy stain and that's why the babywipe couldn't get it out. I agree that you will not notice the stain as much when the patina gets darker.
  13. Hmmm that looks like a grease stain...
    let it sit a few days and see what happens.
    Once the bag develops patina, I'm sure it'll fade a little.
  14. Yeah probably its grease stain since i went to dinner.. But how comes it became bigger? Hehe i know i start to sound whiny..
    Anyway, i feel better now, i know you guys will understand hehe my friends laughed at me for getting stressed over "A bag"...
  15. When I get grease stains on my shirts, the water used to clean it doesn't dissolve the stain; it spreads it. That is why it's bigger (I think)
    NO worries, I'm sure it'll turn out fine in the end...just give it some time :flowers: