Agreed on a price and now the seller is ignoring me!

Dec 17, 2010
So maybe all the sellers on here can offer some light on my situation.

I found a bag on bonanza and after watching it for almost a month I contacted seller. We communicated, I got pics, the bag was authenticated and we agreed on a price. I asked the seller on about 3 or 4 separate emails for his/her mailing address to send my USPS Money Order (the seller only accepts MO). The seller said they would get back to me. No response. The seller has great feedback so I'm wondering if they are 1. Unsure about selling the bag in general 2. Stringing me along while they wait for a better offer 3. Really that busy that they can't respond.

At this point would it even be wise to buy the bag when (and IF) they do finally respond to my emails? If they said they were going to email me and didn't, how can I be confident I'll receive the bag? I'm putting a lot of faith in the feedback left by others. Sending a MO is really risky for me and the seller's lack of communication makes me nervous.

Why would a seller cut of communication from a interested buyer they were previously in contact with?
Dec 17, 2010
well, if you are thinking points 1 2 & 3 maybe just pass on this doesn't

sound promising if the seller has responed to you...
That is what my gut is telling me. But the bag is a great price and the seller has 99.8% positive feedback. I wonder if I'm being over anxious or impatient. But it's weird to ask directly for a mailing address and have someone say, Oh I'm out with my husband, I'll get back to you. Um, instead of writing that why not give me your address?

Sigh. I guess it's just not meant to be. :crybaby:


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Mar 15, 2009
Even if they do answer, at this point I wouldn't buy from someone that ignores your e-mails. Maybe they changed their mind about selling it, or selling for that price? It's hard to tell, but I would pass on it.


Jun 17, 2008
Did you check to see if she has the bag listed on ebay too? If so maybe she sold it and dosen't want to tell you. I agree with you that if she emailed you she is out with her husband, why couldnt she just email her address. I hope you get your bag if not this one maybe another one will come along!
Dec 17, 2010
Thanks for the responses! This process started about a week ago.

I understand the seller has a life. But we were past the time consuming stuff (asking for pics, details and all that). I just needed a mailing address and a name for the MO. I totally understand wanting more money. The bag was up for almost a month and I waited to see if someone else would buy it first. Why accept my offer if it's not what you really want?

She only accepts MO so I don't think she can sell it on ebay.

Since I have 0 protection with a MO I think I'll take everyone's advice and move on. I like bonanza over ebay because you don't have to wait for an auction to end. I wanted this bag for my birthday next week. Ah well. Que sera, sera!
Dec 17, 2010
So odd that someone has 99.8% feedback and others say the communication was great and mine was horrible. It seems out of character based on the seller's feedback. I'm like is something wrong with ME? I have 100% feedback on bonanza even though I've only been on the site for 4 months and I've purchased 3 LV items in that time frame. I also had positive feedback imported from ebay. But again this doesn't matter if the seller only accepts USPS MO. There is no risk for them.

Ok, Ok, I know....move on gal.