Agonizing over Speedy! 30, then 30?

  1. I bought a Speedy 30 earlier this year and returned it bc I thought it way too big. Since then I have thought lots about it and decided to try again with the 25. I bought it yesterday. It looked great in the store but now that I have it home it just feels too small. Should I get the 30 again?? I feel like a NUT!
  2. Get the 30 again! You probably just need to get used to it - you will love the extra room. The 30 is a beautiful classic bag!
  3. I went through the same thing. I purchased the 30, thought it was too big, and gave it to my mom thinking that the 25 would suit me better. Then I tried out the 25 in a store, and thought it was cute, but thought it might be too small for daily use. They are both wonderful sizes, and they can be used for different occassions. I just decided that once I'm off my ban I'll get both the 25 and the 30, one in mono and one in damier!
  4. I find the 30 which seemed large in the store was actually smaller in real life with all my things in it, now i wish i had gotten the 35 lol
  5. 30 is a great size imo...
  6. I like 30 too.
  7. I think the 30 is the perfect size ~ not too big, not too small!
  8. The 30 is the best size, it holds every essential everyday thing and anything extra you need... the opening is perfect where as the 25 is too small... the 30 isn't too big or too small<--- like sweet purple said!
  9. 30 is the perfect size for everyday carrying, but it does sag. weigh the pros and the cons. i say get the 30 because the 25 will always seem too small.
  10. Try putting your stuff in the 25 and carry it around inside your house for a bit. It actually can hold a lot. I'm always suprised when I can fit everything I need into my Ceresis speedy 25, and I'm a BIG bag gal. I adore my Damier speedy 30, but if you found the 30 overwhelming this may actually be perfect if you give it a chance.
  11. Just 2 months back, I was considering a speedy. I went through lots of pictures here on the 25 & 30. Just when I decided on 30(great size for holding lots & looks good when carried), they had to go OOS here. I waited for a couple of weeks then gave up. I will get it someday.
  12. I now have both because I drove myself crazy debating between the 25 and the 30. Unless you need to carry magazines and such, I would say the 25 is large enough to carry everything you need. I can fit a spare pair of shoes, a water bottle, camera, lotion, tissue packet, wallet, keys, cell, scarf, a makeup pouch or two, and still have room for other little things. The 25 is small enough to be carried to dinner whereas I feel the 30 is too big to be a dinner back. Mostly, I like the 30 for days I just want to look chic, or as a carry on bag when traveling, long day trips where I wont be annoyed having to hand carry a bag, when I want to carry a magazine, when I want to carry a lot but don't feel like having to "arrange" my things so it fits (the larger opening helps). The 30 fits A LOT, I can fit 5 pairs of rolled up jeans. For all other occasions, I like the the 25.
  13. I prefer the 30 but I carry a lot of stuff!
  14. I think my 25 actually holds quite a lot, and I was in the same situation as you are. After having both 25s and a 30, I actually prefer my 25s. My 30 is great for daytime shopping, though. My 25s just get more use. Why not both? hee hee!