Agonizing AGAIN: Manhattan GM and Multicolore Priscilla

  1. These two bags are sitting in my eLUXURY shopping cart right now. I haven't really made up my mind yet, so I don't know if I really want to get them. I'll be going to Toronto soon, so I'll look at both bags in real life before I get it on eLUXURY, but right now I just want your opinions. For the ladies who have either or both of these bags, what are their pros and cons?

    I already have the Manhattan PM, so should I get the GM too? I'm only 5'4", and the biggest bags I have so far are the Suhali L'Epanoui GM and Batignolles Horizontal, both of which I use for school. The Manhattan GM is about 2 inches wider, and I don't know if I can get away with it. I'll probably only use it for school, because it's so big, but will it be too big for me :wondering:?

    I like the look of the Priscilla, but I already have a white Multicolore Trouville, so do I really need another bag that's relatively similar to it? I only like the Multicolore line in white, so I'm not even considering the black.

    I've included pictures of my L'Epanoui GM, Batignolles Horizontal and Trouville for comparison/reference :flowers:.
    l'epanoui gm 001.jpg batignolles horizontal 001.jpg trouville 001.jpg
  2. oo! i vote Priscilla, it's soo gorgeous! :smile:
  3. I have to hop in with a Lodge PM suggestion. Love the Priscilla, but it does look dangerously close to the Trou.
  4. I love Priscilla, but I read another members thread & she was saying that it is kind of hard to get into. I don't think you can wrong with either one......or both. ;)
  5. 0o00o, i think you should get the Manhattan GM... is such a dreamy bag!!! and i'm just 5'1 and i still want this bag!!! i think you should get it!!!
  6. unfortunately, i don't like the Lodge :sad:. in fact, the only Multicolore bags i like are the Trouville, Priscilla, Shirley and Pochette Accessoires.

    that's what i read too :cry:. but i was just wondering if there were any other problems with it.
  7. other than it being DANGEROUSLY CUTE, I don't think there's any problem with it. It is soooooo sooo cute IRL.
  8. if you have the manny pm i wouldnt go for the gm too.. if you want the gm because hte pm is too sme sure but sell the pm first.
    otherwise i'd go for the Mc bag :smile:
  9. get a MC bag =D
  10. I had the manhattan PM, but it looked small on me. Im 5'9. I went with the GM. I know I posted the pics of the difference when I carried it. It was a BIG difference. If you already have the PM, then I'd advise you go with another style. The GM, may possibly be big for you. I thought for a few minutes it was too big for me too. But I fell in love soon after and said, who cares if its BIG on me! Its fab! The PM is a great bag too .
  11. That may be muaaahhh..heehee...

    Ya, I had the Priscilla and returned it for being too stiff and hard to get into. The opening was too narrow and it didn't open wide enough for me.

    There's a pocket inside that I had put my keys in and when I did so...the pocket hung out so that it was in the way when I wanted to access the rest of the bag. Kinda awkward. So then I was like fine...I won't put the keys in there then....Ugh...but that pocket was perfect for my keys...

    I finally decided it wasn't working for I returned it. Lookswise, it is sooooooooooooooo cute, very pretty! But functionally for me...was not good.

    HTH good luck!
  12. manhattan gm is gorgeous! I think you should get that one!
  13. I looked at the Mannhattan GM and I thought that it was pretty big so I chose the PM (I am 5'6"). I love the MC pieces, they ae so cheerful! Since you already have the Manhattan PM, go for the Priscilla!
  14. i have to vote for the priscilla.
  15. I'm not really sure what you should do, but I will say can definitely pull off a bigger bag. I think it would look awesome!