Agnis B bags

  1. i know that agnis b bags are very popular in Hong Kong and Tokyo but they dont seem to be popular in North America, but its a French brand

    anyways i have the black medium size Teflon one (the $1580 HK one), the one with the shoulder straps as well as the detachable messenger strap and its the perfect size for school! it big enough to fit a text book but small enough that its easy to carry around, and because its made of Teflon, its super durable! i bought it last year and have used it ever since for class and it still looks new! the buckles and metal parts look new as well!

    ohh.. and it has the lock and keys strap, which is neat as well!

    so my question is what do you think of angis b bags, those of you who have one?
  2. I like their bags but think the nylon ones are a bit overpriced. Their leather range is nice, though. I have a leather military-style satchel that I love and use very often. Unfortunately, I don't know the model name.
  3. [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]agnès b [/SIZE][/FONT]bags are adorable but slightly overpriced for what they are in my opinion :smile: That said, I have three Voyager totes hahaha :heart:3
  4. omg i spelled it wrong! lol
    its [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]agnès b not agnis b
    on the logo at first glance it looks like an 'i' tho.. my bad
  5. lol it's okay. i love the simple designs :smile: can you post a picture of yours? I'm going back to HK for Christmas and think I'm about to buy another one for my mom :biggrin:
  6. Yes, they are very popular in Asia. It's getting popular in Singapore and there's more and more boutiques now. I used to own one Voyager dumpling tote but sold it away coz I didn't really like using it. I agree her bags are overpriced too. So now I don't own anymore of her bags. I'll upload the one I used to own soon.
  7. Here's my one and onlyAgnes B tote which I've later sold it off. This is a very popular and common design in Asia. Only the colors are seasonal.
  8. I love agnès b. bags!!! but the thing is ..i live in ontario, Canada.. + i have no clue where i can get AUTHENTIC agnès b. bagss!! the only ones that i see are fakee.. -_-
  9. I bought an agnes b bag from HongKong.
    It is a nylon+leather bag but really durable and suitable for work.
    I liked it a lot :p
  10. i only like 1-2 tote designs from agnes.. looks a bit plain to me, imo..i much prefer their small accessories.. like the compact mirror, wallet, namecard holder. their colors are very vibrant!
  11. Not for me, but my friend who lives in France swears by them and has done for years. She used to have a great cosmetic line though!
  12. TS its spelled as Agnes B.

    IMO the bags are of inferior quality....avoid it like plague.....

    the rest of the stuffs might still be worth a peepz...
  13. I love their accessories.... think the bags are OK but not great... it's true that they are hugely popular in SG right now
  14. Their neo bags are Prada wanna-be. The look and feel very similar to the Prada neo.

    They 're also way cheaper.

    The voyage line is hip and very practical and light.

    Their clothes are severely overpriced and over-rated. I bought some of their men's clothing and believe me, there are others much cheaper and much better quality.

    Their accessories are cheap and useless. Such are bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Only kids of the 14-19 age group go for this junk.

    It's pretty much like the Banana Republic or A and Fitch of the French. Nothing to write home about, but high in price and brand name. Of course, Asians eat up anything foreign, so don't get suckered like these kids.

    I got a few voyage bags and I regret it. It's light and funky and full of vigor, but ultimately, I still feel a good and reliable Gucci or Prada or even Samsonite or Tumi travel bag is better invested.

    Be smart and spend wisely.

    Agnes b. is nice. But only for the short term and for the kids with short span memory.
  15. Does somebody know where I can Agnes b. online?