Agneau- sensitive?

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  1. Does anyone has an opinion of the leather "agneau"? Is it very sensitive?
  2. Just copied this from Hermesgroupie's leather book thread

    Lambskin. Very soft with a gentle hand. It is prone to scratches but ages well with a slight patina and slight greying around the edges. It is usually found in the lining of Hermes and handbags and small accessories, such as the Carmen keyring
  3. Agneau is used to line Bolide and Constance. (fisrt bags that come to my mind)
  4. My gloves are lamb and are doing very well although it's early days yet. I think lamb leather might be tougher and more hard-wearing than its silky softness suggests. (A bit like swift, another hard worker I've just discovered)
  5. Thanks! I am interested in a Karo and I have been told that it is in lambskin with "tissue lining". Unfortunately the H shop where it is located does not ship directly to customers, but I hope that they can ship to another H shop.
  6. 100% agree. Except I've had problems with really dry spots on them. >_<