Agneau lining for Birkin SO?

  1. Have any of you considered getting or have lambskin lining for a SO Birkin to lighten up the weight? I've only ever seen it in the Bolides. What do you all think?
  2. I wouldn't do it. I have been told about Birkins that have the toile/cotton lining to lighten them up, perhaps this is an idea? The agneau is SOOOOOOO soft, and prone to scratching - I cringe everytime I put my bagmate inside mine!!

    I LOVE to stroke it, though!!
  3. ^ I wouldn't do it. The Chevre Morocain used in Birkins is very lightweight and much more scratch resistant than the lambskin. :smile:
  4. You know what is to DIE for? I tried on agneau H gloves last year lined in cashmere!!!!!! HEAVEN!!!!!!!

    I mean, why don't they make underwear in this combination?
  5. totally depends on the individual. my shoulder bag is lined with the lambskin and i find it adds to the luxury of the bag, the pleasure of using it.
    but it's true that the birkin is a tote, a hardworker, so it might not be compatible with the purpose of the bag.
  6. I'd LOVE those gloves!:drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if one was not worried about scratches, does the lambskin fill its functions as a lining or would it tear easily? I'm also wondering about the Bolides, don't the insides get scratched too? I just love the feeling for touching the lambskin when I reach inside a Bolide or open my Dogon wallet.
  8. the liner in my bag has never torn, nor have i ever feared that it might. not at all. it's soft but it's not particularly thin, or maybe it doesn't feel thin since it's matched with clemence, which is thicker. but regardless, my bag's inside looks fine - again, it's a shoulder bag, not a tote. with a bolide, i would not use a purseket thingo. i always have my keys in a pouch and none of my other accessories have any sharp points. i do take care in that regard.
  9. Me three. And ditto to what GT said about chevre morocain being very scratch resistant & great for a tote bag like Birkin. I wish Hermes would use chevre morocain for Bolides too!

    That said, agneau does feel heavenly & luxurious!! :yes: I get a high whenever I "molest" my Constance...which is lined in buttery soft agneau :tender:
  10. :wtf: :roflmfao:

    Gigi, you H perve!! LOL.