aghh! somebody got a courier for $600!

  1. whoa thats a steal! pretty color for a courier IMO
  2. it's funny...i got my emerald courier for $570...i don't know why it's not more popular! :smile:
  3. whoa! $570 is even better! I think most people think it's too big or something!
  4. yowza, those are amazing prices for those b-bags!!!...i've got a light olive courier & i don't think she's too big at all & i'm only 5'2 :rolleyes:

    p.s. she looks smaller on me than my work 'cause she's more slouchy!!!
  5. omg....thats a freakin steal!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That was a STEAL!!!!! Congrats if it happened to be a PFer!
  7. Wow! Was that during the Shirise sale? I joined *right* after that and totally missed the awesome deals! Hopefully, there will be some more sales with the large amount of s/s 06 stock still left in stores...:graucho:
  8. actually, i got it on ebay too...i was really worried about authenticity but they promised money back if it wasn't. but it was very much authentic, so i'm so happy!
  9. poor little ("BIG") courier bags, i think they're way under-rated :amuse:
  10. ^^^ I definitely want one! Count me in!:love: I hope to see one in fire engine red! I would love the emerald too but never saw it IRL!!!
  11. I have to agree. I tried this bag on and found it just looked too big.
  12. I don't like the style or color much :/ but it is a good deal..
  13. ^^ Forget petite peeps - I tried it on and felt like I was wearing a house. And I'm 5'7''!

    ETA: Sorry - didn't mean to sound like a biatch. It was a great deal, and I hope the winner is very happy with it. Its certainly a fantastic colour.