Aghh got scammed on Ebay... stooopid me!

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  1. Hi girls, this is officially "leave online shopping alone, please!"-week for me. Problems and problems...

    Two days ago I bid and won a pair of Rock and Republic jeans, the Kiedis Skull model. I looove that model, of course nobody sells it here in Italy, so I go to Ebay. Silly me, this sweet girl was selling "only one pair". Everything perfect: size, wash.. I bid, win and pay right away with paypal. The girl has excellent history and everything. After paying she sends me the nicest email: she is going to send out the jeans the next day, thank you for the prompt payment, etc.

    Then I go to Elux and other sites, and discover that the jeans are totally fake. I watch some pictures and it is quite evident.

    So I send her an email:
    Hi XXX!
    I jist wanted to know if you sent out the jeans already.
    I have been going around the Internet tonight and unfortunately I am
    beginnig to be afraid that the jeans that I purchased from you are not
    authentic. I have been comparing them with the pictures I found around (like
    this: and I
    discovered that the color of the threads and the way the skull is sewn on
    the jeans look different, as well as the label on the back of the jeans.
    Now, I'm not an expert at all, so I do not want to misjudge you anyhow. I
    hope you will confirm that they are authentic. However, when I am getting
    the parcel, I will have them authenticated by the local reseller of these
    jeans. I hope that you will accept a return if the doubts I have on
    authenticity will be confirmed.

    She replies:

    Hi, XXX
    I did mail them out the same day as you paid.
    The wash is ruckus, which is hard to find and the picture you emailed me was
    anthrax, which is different. Also, if you want to read about R&Rs, the
    silver tag on the size tag is listed on a ebay guide, which these jeans do
    I understand your concerns.
    If you are not satisfied when you recieve the jeans, contact me within 3
    days and we will figure out something from there.
    Thank you, XXX

    So she's so sweet that I give her the benefit of doubt. I decide to wait and see the jeans by myself.

    Then tonight I get this:
    eBay Listing Removed:sad: JM77146170)
    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for your bid on the following listing:

    Item number: 110046116411
    Title: Rock Republic Kiedis Skulls Jeans 31 30 29 1 day only!!

    Unfortunately, eBay removed this listing because it violated eBay policy. We hope you understand that, due to privacy concerns, we're unable to discuss the details of this violation.

    All bids or offers on this listing have been canceled. Because the listing was ended, you no longer have any obligation to purchase this item. If the seller chooses to relist the item, you're welcome to bid on it again.


    So... what am I supposed to do now? Will I be able to start a dispute if the item has been pulled from Ebay? How could they end a listing that was already ended? WTF??? Anyway, I wrote to Ebay but I am really concerned now. Has this ever happened to you?

  2. eBay can remove an ended listing if they suspect the item is counterfeit. I suggest you contact eBay using the Live Help function on the top right of the home page.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Good luck!
  3. Sorry to hear that! Do contact ebay, your credit card company and paypal if that is how you paid and begin the complaint process.

    It's amazing how many words these scammers throw out -> really, they are either authentic or they are not authentic. Simple as that. I see so much tricky linguistic ebayese in bag auctions. Liars and scammers abound. I'm with you on the no ebay train......... is where you will learn about the PayPal Class Action Lawsuit, Abuse, Fraud & evil behind the PayPal system!
  4. Don't panic! I received similar e-mail from Ebay once about Chanel skirt that I bought on Ebay.
    I went to Chanel boutique and they recognized the skirt as authentic.
    The only thing you can do now is to wait for those jeans to arrive and if you won't like them, doubt authencity etc.-you have all rights to start dispute and operate with this e-mail you received from Ebay.
  5. Hi, this may not be anything. It's crazy but the same exact thing happened to me last week. I bought a Gucci bag and like 2 hours after I paid (the auction was 3 days) I got the same message. The thing is I waited and I received it and it is a real Gucci bag. I spoke with the seller and she told me that she received the same mesaage that the listing was removed and contacted Ebay because she was worried that I would leave bad feedback. Eveything turned out great! I would wait until I received the item authenticate then contact Ebay. Good Luck!;)
  6. What a horrible feeling to have! Just want to send you good thoughts and well wishes that this works out in your favor. :flowers:
  7. Thank you girls, this community offers really awesome support for any problem!!! I'll let you know how do the jeans turn nout to be... :flowers:
  8. Oh, that's quite a tricky situation. I hope everything will get sorted out :smile:
  9. I had this happen to me (as a seller of a Chanel bag)

    The bag was authentic - I have an e-mail from Chanel Paris to prove it!

    Why oh why do ebay do this and not remove the obvious fakes!!!
  10. Well if the R&Rs turn out to be authentic, that would be a gift from heavens!!! :yes: