AGH! Shipping to Canada...

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  1. I mean, for crying out loud, it does not cost Americans very much to ship something here....!

    And yet, somehow it's supposed to be $60 shipping for a qee?

    I thought paying $12 for a package that got here marked with $1.70 postage was bad....


    Sigh. Just needed to say that. Too bad the world isn't as sensible as you guys at TPF!
  2. Umm I think there's somtehing wrong with the shipping calculation. It came up as $25 for me in Colorado and that has gotta be wrong!!
  3. No, the seller is just ripping everyone off with the shipping fees!
  4. Yeah, I sent the seller a message. But even excluding this dude, there are way too many people trying to charge $25, $30 for shipping here. Not cool!
  5. haha it's $29 for me ;) so don't feel that bad...

    people don't usually pay attention to shipping until it's too late I've noticed. Free shipping doesn't entice anyone either it's the "bid" price :hrmm:
  6. It's over $23 shipping to Ohio. A qee would cost $4.05 priority mail anywhere in the USA. A little more with insurance. I've noticed a lot of sellers selling their items really cheap and then jacking up shipping charges I think because eBay does not charge fees on shipping. It's a way for them to get around the final value fees that eBay charges.
  7. It would entice me, if I could get it!! People are nuts.
  8. I saw that too and asked her about shipping.
    "10$ handling, 7$ shipping, 5$ for package, 4.56$ for an icecream I have to eat on the way to the post office coz it's so hot today, 34$ for filling my gas tank- 1634973$ total".

    Seriously, she wanted 27$ for shipping _1_ qee, I was like :nuts: I don't think so missy.
  9. Wouldn't you just like to smack people sometimes? Sheesh.

    I know that it costs me about $7 to ship a stupid qee in Canada, because our shipping is expensive. But I also know Americans have CHEAP shipping! You're not fooling me....
  10. :roflmfao: yeah... and if buy it through lesportsux it will be cheaper

  11. Yeah, I can understand charging an extra 2-3$, even 5$ for the package+work+whatever, but more than that is just a rip-off, shipping a qee over here shouldn't be more than 10$, I got 2 Mozzarellas and the postage was 10-12$, 1 qee weighs WAY less and fits into a smaller box. :cursing:

    And it's not like she's not making money on the qee itself, 8$ a pop.
  12. Even tho I know how much they cost I'm guilty of buying and ended up getting some off eBay for $8 each... now I need the silver dog but I don't know if it's worth $10 to me
  13. I'll probably get some off ebay as well to complete the ones I'm missing. :shame:

    Unfortunately I gotta get atleast 2-3 from one seller to justify the shipping costs, I guess they're gonna charge about 10$ even for just 1 qee. :yucky: