Agh! my SA retired, but all is great.

  1. This should probably go on the shopping thread, but this is such a positive little gem, I wanted to put it out on the front page.

    A few months ago my beloved SA retired. She was an SA who earned my trust and friendship. She sold me my first Birkin. Lots of scarves; sent DH and me to private sales. She was terrific. She was older, but we clicked and had a nice relationship. She asked who I would like to have as my SA and I told her.

    I spoke to the new SA a few weeks ago. We know each other pretty well. We have done business before. Anyway, there is a scarf I am interested in and I called the boutique yesterday around 10.30 AM. I left a message for the SA was with a client. No calls all day. We were out, I transfer my home phone to my cell, so no calls. I think the store closes at 6. At 8 pm, I get a call from the boutique. Sorry so late. I hate to call this late. What can I do for you. It was crazy busy in the store all day and if you don't mind waiting until Tuesday, I can give you my full attention, because we are doing inventory. So, a happy experience. We live an hour's drive from the boutique. I am happy because they did not want to disappoint me. Good beginnings.
  2. Excellent, BBL! I miss Louise, too. :smile:
  3. Great!There are such lovely SAs..I also had great experiences..
  4. Thank you for sharing this Balto Bag Lady. It reinforces that there are lovely SAs out there, mine being one....Always attentive, always keeping an eye out for me, making time for me during store visits, always returning calls( might not be immediately but always does within a few hours - and I dont expect it - when your with customer, your with a customer). It makes for a wonderful experience and a great friendship both within the retail forum and personally. Lets not forget those who work so hard every day to uphold and build the H brand stronger!
  5. Mine retired last year. I love all the other SAs at the store, but it just isn't the same without her. We had a history.
  6. My lovely SA left last month, but she is so considerate to ask another SA to look after me:p
    And my new-to-me SA is such a sweet person to verbally inform me that he is going to look after me, and I think I am being lucky as I found all the other SAs in the store are all friendly and helpful as well :tup::tup:
  7. I had two very special SAs and both recently retired ;(. I miss them both dearly. Have not purchased much H since they left. Glad to hear you have found a new SA to shop with!
  8. BBL so sorry to hear your SA retired I would hate to have that happen to me although I am sure it will someday. Sounds like your new SA is filling the old ones shoes just fine:smile:
  9. Certainly makes us feel good when we have nice SAs assisting us. Thats really the way how it should be ideally. :d
  10. ^^ I totally agree with you Jadeite....feels really good.
  11. What's with all the SA turnover? My favorite SA just had her last day as well. Luckily I was able to see her (I live in between 2 stores & it's a long trip either way). She was seriously the sweetest, but she also transferred my file over to a new one who seemed wonderful when I met him! Hopefully it will work out for the best.

    Now I'm curious who your SA is... I wonder if I have the same one in TO, lol.
  12. That's fantastic! There are some very nice SA's out there.
  13. I am in the US, if you mean TO as in Toronto! I have been in that store once or twice when visiting relatives. My SA was well beyond her retirement years. I always felt so bad for her having to be on her feet on that awful stone floors all day. I'm happy that she retired given her health and age. I'm have with my new SA. I may make the hour drive to visit with him tomorrow.

    Mree! Hi, How are you! Yes, my new SA is very, very good and nice. I've known him for a while. He also is the last word in the spa approval in the boutique. I hope he passes my old brown box kelly to spa!
  14. SAs are so important in the whole buying experience. I also have one DLSA who truly feels like a friend!
  15. That,s so very true. Whether one is talking about Hermes or Chanel or a personal shopper at Nordstrom or Bergdorf. Once, my mother told me''to make friends with the butcher.'' She was so right. You do right by staying loyal and they take care of you.