AGH! I Caved and bought a Rouge Vif ....

  1. I was TRYING to hold out for an 05 Rouge but as I have NO patience and HAD to have a red bbag NOW, I bought this one from mypersonalshoppers!

  2. congratsss :yahoo:
    it's a great red bag!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    I was a little worried that the red was just going to be too bright and was wondering for two days til she got here if maybe I should have waited for an 05 Rouge to show up, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful red this is!
  4. Yipppeee! I :heart: and have a Rouge VIF - I am sure that you will enjoy it!

  5. Thank You!!! :flowers:

    I am really happy with her! My plan was to go ahead and get the Rouge Vif NOW as it was available and mypersonalshoppers is wonderful and sold her to me at retail, shipped! and then, WHENEVER I did finally find the 05 Rouge I would just sell the 06 ...
    but not sure I am that interested in even searching now :love:

  6. enjoy this as long as u want it :yes:
    because you love it so much now, that means it meant for u :love:
  7. Great score! You made a great choice, and red is so beautiful! :smile:
  8. yipppee!! Thanks everyone!!! I am so excited!:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:
  9. I am in the same boat. I plan to make rouge VIF my next bag, although I really, really wanted a rouge 05.

    That's a really lovely color. I can see why you may change your mind about the 05.
  10. It's a wonderful color! I'm sure it will light up your days. Congratulations!!!
  11. I wouldn't say caved, I would call it "scored!"

    But then again I am predjudiced, I carry my rouge vif more than any other bag I own:yes:
  12. It's a beautiful red!! I have one too, it's my favorite city bag!!:heart:
  13. Alright!! I have the same bag too and I love it! Enjoy it.

  14. I was really, REALLY surprised at how this color looks IRL! I like deep, saturated reds and I thought this would be way too BRIGHT, but it's not at all! and the leather is just perfect, nice and shiny and distressed! :heart:
  15. Hello. Newbie here. What is mypersonalshoppers? Do you have a website for this? I would LOVE to get a rouge VIF!