aggravated by recent ebay transaction...

  1. So I found a modern chain flap for a good price on eBay and bought the bag. When it arrived, the chain did not go smoothly around the bag. It is hard to explain, but it twisted in the middle. Definitely defective. I had to go through hoops and get paypal involved to get my money back.
    I usually hate to leave negative fb and know that it generally results in retaliatory fb. I had to in this case because the seller relisted the bag and still did not disclose the flaw. It is a popular bag and I didn't want anyone, and especially my pf sisters to be taken.
    This may be in the wrong place but just wanted to make sure this was seen before someone else got stuck with this bag and the aggravation.
  2. Aw sorry you had to go through this aggravation! I'm glad you were able to get get your $ back! :tup:

    Thx for the heads up too!
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. It's sweet of you to warn us!
  4. Thanks for the warning. I occasionally loook at eBay for the modern chains since they have become expensive. It's a shame that she has relisted a defective bag.:tdown:
  5. Aww what a shame. I bet u were so happy and excited to recieve the bag too. What a way to blow u off!
  6. oh no thats a terrible thing to happen especially after the excitement of winning the bag too
  7. hmm i think i saw this bag relisted as well! thanks for the heads up, stacy! glad u got your money back though!
  8. Sorry this happened to you. You're sweet for warning us. I was looking at a MC flap at the Chanel store yesterday and it was so cute.
  9. My pleasure. I am just aggravated that he relisted the bag and again did not mention the flaw. Not only do we have to worry about authenticity but also dishonesty about condition....
  10. That is horrible. Thanks for the warning. It was nice of you to risk neg feedback to warn other potential. buyers. I had to do that also not too long ago, knowing I'd get negged back. It's hard to swallow when you know you don't deserve it.
  11. How horrible... I'm glad you got your money back!
  12. Phew, glad it worked out for you (kind of) in the end. And thanks for the warning!
  13. I'm really sorry. As fantastic as eBay can be, it sure can be a MAJOR headache! That was lovely of you to warn us. I'm really touched that people look out for each other here!
  14. I am touched as well. Thank goodness for our Rockerchic! She saved me by letting us all know and risking retaliatory feedback which the seller did do ( lied about non-payment) Thanks again, you are awesome!
  15. ^^ thanks all. Just doing my part...;)
    ...and I did get the big retaliatory feedback but what the heck....