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  1. this post COULD have been been the "balenciaga sighting" thread but unfortunately, its going to be a venting post. please excuse me for venting, but i need it desperately.

    are there anyone outside of us TPF gals that still buy authentic handbags?? i live and work in NYC and i CONSTANTLY see fakes..LV, Gucci, and balenciagas. when i was a b bag newbie, i use to go up to the person carrying the fake and COMPLIMENT her bc i had no idea it was a fake..and i realized that most ladies who carry fak bbags had never heard of balenciaga..they simply bought it bc they thought it looked nice...unlike those who buy fake LVs..with LV monograms everywhere, they had to know there were buying a knockoff.

    today, when i was at the nail salon, in walks a tall korean grl in her twenties. she was carrying a white WORK with gold hardware. i was super excited bc i have the SAME bag, but in black with gold hardware. just as i was about to go up to her, i saw that the HANDLES on her work was REALLY LONG. LONGER THAN work's handles are suppose to was just so odd. the long handles stopped me in my tracks and i left the salon without saying a word. Now, im home, im looking at my own Work and i realized that grl was carrying a FAKE. theres no way her handles could have been that long. i knew there was an abundance of the b bags with TRADITIONAL HARDWARE..but now they make FAKES WITH NEW HARDWARE TOO!?!? i guess the fake manufactures are REALLY UP TO DATE, huh??

    *sigh*...ok, rant over..thanks ladies, for allowing me to vent my frustration..i just feel a bit disappointed, as im looking at my own authentic work..thinking about all the fakes that are out there of my own baby..*Sigh*..:crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I have more comments about this posts but I'll just limit it to this one:

    I think you should just take comfort in knowing that you are carrying the real deal.
  3. Oh my God I had the exact same rant yesterday. I was at a local train station that has a bunch of shops and restaurants and there was this stand that had loads and loads of fake Balenciagas (as well as Marc Jacobs and Chloes). It upset me so much, this is why prices of Bal etc are going up! Its because of these fakes. I dont understand how they are allowed to sell fakes so openly, arent counterfeit products illegal?
  4. They sure are!!! In Europe they are quite up to date on the issue. A danish tourist was fined more that 10.000 dollars when she passed customs in Italy, because she had bought a fake pair of Dior Glasses!! (Talk about being sad you didn't spend the 400 dollars ekstra and got a real pair!!!!:p )

    I hate fakes, but like incoral I just treasure the fact that my own are the real deal!!! And they make me feel good no matter what I am wearing...
  5. I saw a fake black city at uni a few days ago (square bales...). It would have been the first Bbag I'd seen here but it was fake. Sad.
  6. Actually they had fakes of the GH available before the real ones were in the stores!!! Someone here on tPF reported seeing them on sale somewhere.
  7. That's exactly what I do every time I step out with mine:yes:
  8. i dont care if they are carrying fakes anymore... it's the fakes on eBay being sold as authentic that really piss me off.

    carry yours with pride!
  9. Yeah, I know it's not a very popular opinion, but my issue isn't with people who carry fakes, it's the people who try to sell them as if they're authentic bags. I can't imagine paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a bag and then finding out that I bought a fake. Whenever I see people carrying fakes around, I wonder if they know that their bag isn't authentic - I bet a lot of them don't. It's hard to get angry at that; I'll save my anger for the scumbags who are selling them! :yucky:

    Just be proud that you educated yourself and have a gorgeous, authentic bag by a brilliant designer!
  10. OMG, the same thing happened to me today.. I thought I saw a beautiful Anthracite city, and then starting realizing that some of the details were off, including the super long handles!! It was totally hanging on her shoulder with plenty of room. The hardware was way too gold to be real and the leather too smooth and even. Yech!!
  11. Like OP said, lots of gals who buy "fakes" are buying inspired bags that don't even say "balenciaga" on them. They're buying it because it looks nice. This I think is fine. Aggravating, but I'm a lot more okay with it than those superfake LV's copied down to the last detail.
  12. There is a chain store in SG that sell lots of inspired bags - Spy, Silverado, Paddington, & even Balenciaga. They have the City and First, copied down to the very last detail. The only thing is they are pleather, nothing like the gorgeous chevre on our real B bags. Seeing those bags in the store makes me sad.
  13. I won't get upset becoz of this as i know i'm carryin a GENINUE & AUTHENTIC bal bag but theirs are not....basically, we are of no control for the manufacturers to make fake bal long we know wat we are getting and i believe that there are still others out there who knows abt authentic bal bag.....well, at least it's not so common than those fake LVs which u sell it everywhere and till now, there is no way that they can stop this manufacturers from makin it as u know nowadays lots of such stuffs made from China which they produce in large quantity coz their headcount is cheap (it's not surprise esp such a big country and they also realised the market demand out there) and there are some pple who are not able to get such an expensive designer bags and go for a fake one instead....therefore, they are not bother abt it either...SO why worry~~
  14. Honestly, if the only difference between a real and a fake is slightly different length of the handles, I'd say, that's a pretty good fake!
  15. ITA. If I let myself, you'll never hear the end of it. Just be proud that you're different from them.