Aggh when will PayPal Aust have confirmed addresses???

  1. I am just having a rant....there are so many things on eBay that are available to buyers that have confirmed addresses and that leaves us Australians out :sad:

    PayPal have been saying for the last couple of years that they are working on it, but in todays technologically savvy age what is taking so long :confused1:?
  2. I hear you. I can totally understand sellers wanting to protect themselves by shipping to confirmed addresses only but it's so darn frustrating. I don't understand why we can be "verified" but not "confirmed"? How hard can it be for PP to set up?:confused1:
  3. Yes you would think that being verified would be a big step in being able to confirm your shipping address. I have my CC and my bank account linked to my Paypal account plus I have actually used my Paypal account on 7 occasions to pay for items from the US. So I would almost think that once you have been through the Paypal system a couple of times with goods sent to the same address and no issues (for the seller recorded with eBay or Paypal) then this could also be another step in the confirmation of your details.
  4. I wish pay pal would fix the system so we could be confirmed. It's frustrating missing out on some sales because of the lack of a confirmed address.
  5. I can totally relate to the annoyance. :push:

    Luckily, most of the sellers that I've communicated with have be kind enough to ship to Aus even without the 'confirmed' address that they've stated in their auction terms. IMO it never hurts to ask and if you have solid eBay feedback, there are still lots of sellers that are willing to post to Australia. :smile:
  6. I understand ur feeling too. :sad:

    Most seller wont even ship to Singapore as its in Asia. Asia = fruad to them..