Aggh....I got sucked in

  1. Ok, this is all LABAG and GTOFan's fault :nuts:, I ended up buying the quilted hobo from Bloomingdale's online store :P. I don't usually go for a black in term of buying a handbag, I don't know why. I just don't, not that I don't like the color. Maybe it's more like I'm attracted to colorful bags. But since they only have black for the quilted hobo, I might just have to settle for that one. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't have a black bag for crying out loud, and I'm an adult.

    Anyway, I'm experiencing the same problem which is, my order won't be shipped until 10/30 and....their online system was down so they couldn't tell me right away if the item was available or not. Probably they just got a massive order from all the ladies in PF :lol: I still haven't got the email for my order summary and stupid me, I didn't write down the order number :rant:. Now I have to call them tomorrow if I still haven't got the email from them. Sucks.

    I hope the item is still available :sad: and they can tell me soon cause I don't mind waiting until 10/30.

    I guess I'm just a little worried and upset for my own stupidity :Push:

  2. Did you register your info on bloomies site? If so, you can log back on and go to order status for your order number, etc. I think a lot people got their confirmations way after they ordered. They probably are getting a ton of orders at once! Good luck!
  3. I ordered a 45 day back ordered MJ bag from a couple of months ago and it came in like 1 week. I was shocked that it came so quickly.

    I hope that your bag will come. Hopefully the bloomingdales website is just slow to send confirmations
  4. wow, that's good news joeyjimmy! glad to hear that it doesn't really take as long as it says... crossing my fingers they didn't sell out! which bag did you get? =)
  5. How much did the hobo total out to be with shipping and tax?
  6. This was a great deal. I ordered the MJ wallet last night and this morning received my confirmation. This morning I put thre code in for the Bowler. I think many people ordered that. I think the PF overwhelmed Bloomies last night. What a great deal.
  7. I think it's about $350 something. It was a really good deal. I still haven't got the order summary email from Bloomies and I didn't register either with them. Oh well...:sad:
  8. ^^:sad:How come mine came out to $404? That's a bummer.
  9. :lol: TOO FUNNY bag.lover! I hope we all get our stuff...great for Fall/Winter!
  10. =) With 64% off, we can't think too much. LOL.
    Get them while they are in stock, return them if they don't work out. Much better than regretting on missing these wonderful deals. I'm doing my job as enabler too. =)
  11. I am thinking they give a potential ship date of 10/30 but they will arrive much sooner, as the charges for my two orders yesterday are "in process" on my Amex card today.
  12. I think they tax according to where you're ordering from - so if you're from New York, it would be based on NY tax.:shrugs:
  13. Ok, so I called them today and they told me my order was cancelled cause they are out of stock!:crybaby:I'm not really interested in getting the other style they still have in stock. I almost got the Stella but I don't really like the color.

    Oh well, it was an impulse purchase so maybe it's a good thing now I can save my money for something else :P. I'm just a little bit disappointed.
  14. Really? I called them today too and they told me it will probably ship Oct 31 as planned. When did you order yours? I ordered mine at 3:00am Sept 1st.
  15. Oh dear... I hope not too many of us lose our orders!