agent provocateur

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  1. just got an email early this morning that agent provocateur is having a flash sale on their site and it ends sunday. sizes are going pretty quickly. i've added a few things to my cart and was ready to check out but they were sold out b4 i could even check out :sad: luckily not everything in my cart was gone and they still have a nice selection of things.
  2. Yeah, I found out tonight too after I got home! A few thing I wanted disappeared as fast as I could add them to my shopping bag! but I'm glad I was able to get a pair of bra and panties together! (I prefer buying in sets)
  3. Thanks to posting! Got a few items! Almost stroked out to see a bra I paid over $180 for on sale now for $40 and I bought it in June.... I'll be waiting for the sales from now on!!
  4. I managed to get a set of bra, panty and garter, and another bra for the price of a regular panty! Yay~ thank you for the heads up
  5. Is dat a enropran website ? How do I turn it to USA dollar hum . Never try dat brand but looks good :)
  6. When you put ur shipping info and stuff it will change to US website.
  7. i think they keep adding more items to the sale cuz i just went back to the site and i see a few things i didnt see yesterday and i wish they had them yesterday so i could have ordered everything all at once. i already ordered twice, i dont think im going to do any more ordering for a while. lol.
  8. I know. I was about to order 3 sets last night and 2 were sold out so I checked out with only 1 set and a bra. Now the 2 sets are both available, but I don't wanna order and pay for the shipping again. I think I will just hang on and wait for Xmas sale.
  9. same here lol

    I got another set of stuff, paying twice for shipping sucks, but probably still worth it with the major discount.
  10. Sale is going on again. I know I'm a few days late to it but there are still some nice ones on sale like the Darla, Francoise, and Darcy sets :smile:
  11. ^thanks.. will take a peek...
  12. navigating the site is frustrating.. out of stock items are still shown as in stock until you check out.. :pout:
  13. Nabbed a couple of sets. Yay! I've used "Gift1" for free shipping, and 12% CB to boot. :smile:
  14. I couldn't get the free shipping code to work--are there restrictions?
  15. Not to my knowledge. I messed around with the code and was able to use it on sale items (like my orders) and a basket containing only $130 in items. I'm pretty sure caps vs not caps doesn't matter. Just don't put in the quotes. :smile:

    Also for reference, I was using the US site. If you're still having probs, call the CS line. It's open until 3pm EST and there is a toll free # for the US.