Agent Provocateur Sizing?

  1. Was wondering how they run compared to American stores like Victoria's Secret. Do the bra cups run big or small? What about the panties?

  2. i've found the bras to run pretty true to size, and i am quite busty.

    i only have one pair of panties, one pair of tap pants, and one garter belt set, and they all ran true to size as well.
  3. I'm not sure, but you luckylucky girl! I adoooreee Agent Provocateur!! *sigh* What are you getting?!
  4. Runs true-to-size in my experience. Added bonus their bras make my boobies look so much hotter than in real life. Hahaha I can't believe I said that. Not that my boobs look bad or anything, their bras just have a delightful anti-gravity effect that mystifies me.
    OK I'll shut up now.
    Congrats on the fancy knickers btw

    panties run ever so slightly small in my experience (compared to VS)
  5. TTS.

    I have a corset (love it!!!) and some bras and panties and I think it's all pretty true. I wear a 36D at AP or at Victoria's Secret for what it's worth.

    Oh and as far as the panties, I think they seem small-ish because they really aren't the super stretchy "v-string" type material... at least that is what I compare it to.
  6. Thanks everyone! So I think I'll order normal bra size... but go up a size for panties (I do find VS to run large... *come on* my ass is not small.) Can't wait to see the magical effects as described by la miss... :smile:

    Gonna get something with suspender belts... of course! :graucho:
  7. I agree, TTS for me too. :yes:
  8. Do you know which set you are getting yet? Oooh this is so exciting.
  9. I like Jodie way more.

    Black and red is so overdone... sick of seeing those colors together. Lana looks a little cheap to me.
  10. Both are very pretty. You have excellent taste. I have a style similar to the Lana but with peach ribbon. It looks anything but cheap in real life. Believe me trashy never looked so good! I wore it just once almost 2 years ago and my fiance still talks about it. In fact he asked me to bring the set along on our honeymoon.
  11. ^ I meant the red and black looked cheap... peach and black sounds gorgeous.
  12. The Jodi set is really pretty.

    Off the original topic, but...there are some nice sets with peach toned colors, like liliana and frida. Maggie Gyllenhaal looks gorgeous in it all too!