Agent Provacateur- Up to 75% off

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  1. Thanks..Most of the stuff are sold out least in my size
  2. thanks, will check it out now!!
  3. I just scored the Regine set for the price of Victoria's Secret! Thanks for posting!

    Also, when I changed the currency from pounds to dollars the conversion was way off. 25 pounds changed to $50 when it's really $35. I just left the currency in sterling so my credit card gives me the correct rate.

    Oh and free shipping worldwide for orders over 75 pounds.
  4. OMG for real??? How can they have such inaccurate conversion??? I just checked and this difference in my order is $25! Thanks for the post and this great money saving tip I'm about to get my first Agent Provacateur! I'm getting the regine set too!
  5. Do AP bras run true to size? Or should I remeasure myself according to their chart?

  6. Totally Inaccurate Conversion!!!! I saved $19 with sterling instead of USD. Also, the Jean Line can be additionally discounted using code ap25. Not sure about needing caps or not.
  7. #8 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    is the sale over? i dont seem to see anything on sale. :sad:

    edit: nm! i see them now...
  8. I love AP, but I think their sale is only in stores now as there's nothing online. Sad.