1. Which do you think is better for a first time buyer of an LV agenda .. daimer mono, white MC or the pomme d'amour vernis???
  2. There is no poll:confused1:
  3. no poll?
  4. sorry guys I screwed up hit the wrong button and could not go back to add the poll or cancel the thread so I had to edit it...computers
  5. Oh, I can't make up my mind on one. Can I at least choose two? :p

    I'm loving framboise vernis and mono koala with rose lining at the moment. My prefect agenda is IF they allow to SO for a framboise vernis KOALA agenda with the gorgeous s-lock..! :love: :love: :love: If only they do that... :p
  6. Hmm I have a mc agenda and love it. I guess it depends on your taste.
  7. ^^ yeah depends on your taste. I'm a sucker for a vernis agenda so you know my pick ;)
  8. i think the practical choice would be the Damier agenda, in whatever size or style. if you're going to be using it everyday, the Vernis or white Multicolore would get scuffed and dirty. the Damier is low-maintenance, and it looks very professional
  9. I know you love the pomme, :graucho: go get the pomme! :yes: Don't get something you don't really love, you'll end up still thinking about the pomme after you've made your purchase.
  10. Mongram, esp if you want a mono piece that isn't as in your face.

    I checked out the damier agenda and thought it was a bit too "mature" looking for me, even though my favorite LV Bag is my saleya. For some reason I didn't like the damier for the agenda.
  11. MC!
    i'm a sucker for murakami's designs... he's the one who made me buy an LV.
  12. I just bought my first agenda and went with the Framboise vernis. Loving it!!!
  13. I agree with all what Sandra said but because I am not that practical, I say Vernis!!!
  14. Pomme... Nice color!
  15. I really love vernis agendas, they're so beautiful.