1. I hope this isn't too improper of a question!

    I'm compiling my list of items that I plan on purchasing from Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Problem is, I've never been into the Hermes store near my location (it's brand new). Also, I'm new to the whole Hermes thing :smile: I checked their site and have selected some twillys and pocket squares, but I don't see any agendas on their site, and I don't know how much they run. Can anyone help me? If you know price ranges for Hermes agendas, I'd love it if you shared them with me ^_^ I would check myself, but it would be a day or two before I could get up there again, and I'm too anxious ;_; Nothing in anything odd though, as I'm not exactly ready to brave the whole ostrich/crocodile/lizard thing :p Thank you!
  2. there is one called the ulysses (girls correct me if I'm wrong) it comes in tan/gold, red, blue and vert (green).....the cover comes with a small closure on the front and its 4" by 6" ($150) and the paper pages run approx. $50