1. Hi everyone!!!! I am really interested in getting an agenda but i dont know which one to get....and when i went to elux they didnt have a lot of pics for them...and i am constantly writing myself notes and reminders so an agenda would be perfect for me!!! so i was wondering if anyone had some imput on them or any pics too of the insides...thanks so much!!! :confused1:
  2. I got the damier koala agenda about 3 weeks ago and I just love it. It's the perfect size for me. You can see my pictures and lots of others in the Agenda club thread. I'll try to pull up my agenda pics in a few minutes.
  3. Just few days ago I purchased a mono Koala small agenda, very nice and helpful, size is perfect for any bag, you can't fit this baby even inside a pochette, I find it very practical and big enough for your notes, reminders, cards etc.
    Here she is..
  4. here's a pic of my damier koala agenda and my husband's taiga desk agenda:
    Agenda.jpg Agenda1.jpg Taiga.jpg Taiga1.jpg
  5. I have the groom agenda in's a nice small size and super cute. I only use it for notes. If I needed an agenda for everyday I would get a medium sized one.
  6. I have the bigger one in the mono. I like it but sometimes it is a bit to heavy to carry around but I like how it gave me more room to write in it. i at first bought the smaller size and returned it for the bigger one
  7. I have the small ring agenda in mono and LOVE it! :love: I just use the notes in it.


    I had my initials hot stamped it in this past summer. IF I had known about the Groom agendas coming out, I would've gotten a red one, but now that I have my initials in this one, it's mine to keep!
  8. thanks everyone for the help!!!!!!! theres no many i dont know which one to get...i want them all!!!!!
  9. I have a medium monogram mat agenda that I use as an notebook. For me, it is barely big enough to write in sort-of comfortably. I tried the small size epi and damier versions at the boutique, and there was no way I could realistically use that for actual writing!! I decided the medium was small enough to fit in most every-day size bags (like Saleya, Speedy, Alma) and yet big enough to write in. The paper size in the medium is about 3 3/4" x 6," so you can that info to decide if that's a size you could write on. Good luck!
  10. I have the damier medium agenda and it's great! I chosed it because I can through it on my desk, floor, against keys and you can't tell any scratch marks. Furthermore, the medium size refill is easily found at anystore. I love to buy hello kitty refills for it.
  11. how much is the medium agenda compared to the small agenda....i was looking at the damier koala??
  12. and u can purchase all the paper at the store too or do i have to order that from somewhere else??
  13. Well, from what I gathered, I think the few most popular agendas in PF these few months are (in random order):

    -Framboise vernis agenda
    -Groom agenda
    -Mono/Damier Koala agenda
  14. medium ring agenda is $425 and damier koala is $350. You can check prices and styles at Yes, you can get the lv refill paper at the lv boutique. :smile:
  15. thanks so much!!! :smile: